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The Splinter Group is a clan of 4 rats, living in the Rats Nest, whom Patricia Tannis wants murdered during the mission Splinter Group. The group consists of Dan, Lee, Mick and Ralph.


The Splinter Group are Hyperion test subjects that escaped from the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Tannis deems their "reintegration to society" a threat and pays the Vault Hunters to eliminate them.


After pizza is left in the middle of their room to lure them into the open, they initially fight one–by–one, disappearing once their health bars are depleted by half, and then reappearing together after each has had their initial 'turn'. They all wield melee weapons, have shell–like objects strapped to their backs, and are apparently acquainted with a woman named June.

The Splinter Group is secretly led by Flinter, who has to be lured out via a secret puzzle in the room accessed after killing the main group, and is significantly stronger than any of the main four individually are.



  • Killing the Splinter Group in the order that they appear in completes the challenge Cut 'Em No Slack.
  • All members of the Splinter group have an increased chance to drop the legendary Storm Front grenade mod.
    • Because their drops are independent of each other, it is possible to obtain multiple copies.