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Splinter Group is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Patricia Tannis. It becomes available after A Dam Fine Rescue is complete.


"Patricia Tannis has hired you to find and kill four dangerous, mutated escapees from Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. They're hiding in Bloodshot Stronghold, but be careful; they are well-armed, and color-coordinated. First, you'll need to pick up some pizza from Moxxi's bar -- evidently, these creatures love pizza."



  • Pick up Moxxi's pizza
  • Head to hideout
  • Get buzzed in
  • Deliver pizza
  • Kill splinter group: 0/4


Finding the Splinter Group

The mission is started by talking to Tannis, who speaks of a group of bandits who became mutated. The first step in the mission is to retrieve the pizza from Moxxi's Bar. Once obtained, the pizza is then taken to Bloodshot Stronghold. After two rooms is a room with two bridges and a short drop down into some water channels around the edges. One of these channels meets with a sewer tunnel leading away from the chamber, and this opens out into several rooms populated with Rats. The walk through the sewers ends at an intercom, which can be activated to get buzzed in. The pizza is then left on a table in the centre of a room, and once it is placed the Splinter Group will spawn.

The Splinter group will initially arrive one by one and will attempt to flee if hurt by approximately 50% of their maximum health. It is possible to kill the individual rats before they are able to leave. When Mick has been sufficiently weakened, all remaining rats will appear at the same time. Players attempting the challenge Cut 'Em No Slack may wish to avoid dealing too much damage too quickly to avoid killing the group out of order.

Spawning Flinter

The room after the area the Splinter Group is fought in has various levers and switches in addition to a panel with 5 red lights. There are four switches: a pipe valve, a ground lever, a wall switch and a television. Each switch changes the light from red to green and the lights changed alternates with each use, see below:

2012-09-24 00002

The 5 lights when they have all been turned on

Switch 1st use 2nd use 3rd use 4th Use
Pipe valve 1,2 1,3,5 1,2 1,3,5
Ground lever 1,3 4,5 1,3 4,5
Wall switch 2,3,5 5 2,3,5 5
Television 1,3,4 1 1,3,4 1

There are discrepancies between reports on how to summon Flinter. Different settings might be possible between consoles or individual games.

One easy way (done in any order [1]):

  • Ground Lever (once)
  • Wall Switch (once)
  • Television (twice)

Once the five lights are green, Flinter will spawn.



Turn In: Tannis


  • Text of Moxxi's Pizza item: A pizza topped with marshmallows, anchovies, and innuendo.
  • The mission reward is a unique shotgun RokSalt.
  • All members of the splinter group has an increased chance to drop a legendary grenade mod, the Storm Front.
  • The pizza can be interacted with and eaten after being placed on the table, and will heal the character for about 50% of their maximum health.


  • The mission is a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    • Upon entering the mission area, Tannis tells the player 'not to cut them any slack' - a reference to the theme song of the original animated series ("When the evil Shredder attacks / These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack").

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