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The Splatgun is a common E-tech Shotgun manufactured by Hyperion and Tediore. The Splatgun is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description[]

Splatguns launch balls of energy in an arc similar to a grenade launcher, and generally have a high chance of inflicting an elemental status effect compared to their normal variants. Like other e-tech weapons, it consumes 2 ammo per shot.

  • Tediore Splatguns, when reload-thrown, will explode and launch smaller submunitions similar to a MIRV grenade.
  • Hyperion Splatgun projectiles bounce off multiple surfaces until it hits an enemy target.

For the Tediore variant, like most tediore shotguns, hitting an enemy with a discarded weapon (by reloading) is more difficult than other guns mainly because reload speed is usually slow, even slower than common Tediore shotguns which already require better timing to hit an enemy with them than pistols or submachine guns. Hyperion splatguns also have slow reload speeds and since they consume 2 ammo per shot, the stabilizing feature of Hyperion weapons may not be attained fully.

Splatguns take a huge advantage of Maya's Flicker skill, which will boost the elemental effect even further.


  • Splatguns can spawn with the "critical hit damage" accessory, despite the weapon being unable to score critical hits.
  • Splatguns cannot spawn with the vertical grip accessory, or the Gentle prefix (Tediore) and Practicable prefix (Hyperion), which could give them x3 projectiles fired.
  • Splatguns will restore rocket ammunition when their shots are absorbed by an absorb shield.
  • Splatgun barrels appear to use a modified version of the grenadier/rocketeer barrels as a base.
  • Krieg's skill Blood Overdrive will not be triggered by a Tediore Splatgun (like any other elemental weapon with splash damage). However, Hyperion Splatguns will always trigger it.

Notable variants[]

  • Slow Hand - Unique e-tech shotgun that fires projectiles in a straight line with high elemental effect chance that will heal the wielder.
  • Omen - Seraph e-tech shotgun that fires in a circular pattern that expands and contracts as it travels.
  • Retcher - Seraph e-tech corrosive shotgun more efficient than a regular Splatgun but with a shorter range.