The Splasher Blashter is an E-tech shotgun manufactured by Bandit. The Splasher Blashter is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

As a bandit-manufactured weapon, Splasher Blashters carry the innate low accuracy, long reload time, and large magazine size of other bandit guns, and as an E-tech weapon it converts ammunition into energy charges.

Splasher Blashters fire large, slow-moving, high-damage energy balls in an arc, with a three-shot burst fired for each trigger pull. Notably, each energy ball does approximately the same damage as a single projectile from a Splatgun, meaning the weapon does triple the damage compared to other brands. This does come with a high ammo usage, using four ammo per shot, which effectively negates the advantage of the larger magazine size that other bandit weapons enjoy. This doubled ammo cost only minimally offsets the tripled damage output of the weapon, making Splasher Blashters both some of the most ammo-efficient and highest damaging shotguns available in Borderlands 2.


  • Like Splatguns, Splasher Blashters can spawn with the "critical hit damage" accessory, despite the weapon being unable to inflict critical hits. 
  • Splasher Blashters cannot spawn with the vertical grip accessory, or the Assssult prefix, which could give it x5 projectiles fired.
  • It is possible to get extra height using the Splasher Blashter: by jumping and firing at the floor, Vault Hunters can get a small amount of extra air while sustaining moderate damage.
  • The projectiles fired by this gun are treated as rockets by the game engine. An Absorb Shield will consequently replenish launcher ammo when converting Splasher Blashter shots.