Spitter Skags are adult skags in Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands 3 who developed differently, eschewing melee in favor of ranged attacks.

They are easily distinguished by the long spikes along their back and darker coloration. While they do leap, claw, and charge like other skags, they are far more likely to stay at a distance and spit gobs of corrosive goo. Their ability to deal ranged damage often makes them a nuisance when dealing with their charging and leaping brethren.

In Borderlands 2, there are much more of them. They're sometimes more common than adult skags.



While dodging their spit is easy enough when they're alone, Spitters are often found in the company of more dangerous melee skags. Thankfully, Spitters deal little damage and are poor shots against a moving target, making it acceptable to focus their brethren first and mop them up later.

Spitter Skags are resistant to corrosive damage. They are a little less durable than adult skags, and are especially vulnerable to melee attacks.

Their armored sections reduce all non-bullet and melee damage by just over two thirds. Like all skags, their only critical hit spot is the inside of their mouth, which is often exposed during spitting attacks.


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