Spinigun is the title of a group of common assault rifles. Manufacturers include Vladof and Bandit and they use the Vladof gatling barrel. The Spinigun is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Spiniguns are characterized by Gatling-style rotating multiple barrels. They are best utilized in very long sprays, allowing the gun to get to its maximum fire rate and to stay there as long as possible. Skills that increase magazine capacity (such as Overload and Filled to the Brim) are useful when using Spiniguns.

The large magazine capacity and high fire rate of Vladof's Spiniguns make an excellent choice for Salvador when specced into the Rampage tree, thanks to skills such as Inconceivable, 5 Shots or 6, and Keep Firing.... Use of a Hoarder class mod is recommended due to the extremely high rate of ammo consumption.


  • CHOPPER - Bandit-manufactured Unique assault rifle which empties a massive magazine with a single trigger pull, at the cost of low ammo, decreased accuracy, and extended reload time.
  • Ol'Painful - Vladof-manufactured Unique assault rifle that fires laser bolts instead of bullets, has higher-than-usual rate of fire and magazine capacity, and surprisingly high accuracy even at mid-to-long range.
  • Lead Storm - Vladof-manufactured Seraph assault rifle that fires flared, slow moving projectiles which split into three projectiles during travel.
  • Shredifier - Vladof-manufactured Legendary assault rifle with a decreased spooling time buffed by a massive fire rate, as well as a large magazine capacity.


  • Bandit Spiniguns can, with their large magazine and high rate of fire, eat enormous amounts of ammunition in a short time.
  • Vladof Spiniguns possess the highest rate of all rifles.
  • Spiniguns are only available at green rarity or higher.