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Spiderant Workers are slightly larger than Spiderantlings and are found in almost all spiderant habitats.



Main article: Spiderant#General Strategy

Spiderant Workers attack by aggressively leaping at their targets and striking with their sharp forelimbs when close. Both of these attacks deal little damage, but they can knock their targets back and interfere with their shots.

Borerlands 2 variants use their web from close range to disorient their enemies and then attack them directly with melee attacks. Even if weak, their front shell is big enough to protect them from all frontal attacks.

Worker Spiderants are rather sluggish and a quick adventurers can use this to their advantage by zipping forward and then strafing the abdomen.


  • Borderlands:
    In Playthrough 2 they are renamed as Spiderant Toiler, and in Playthrough 2.5 – as Spiderant Slave.
  • Borderlands 2:
    In True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed as Spiderant Velite, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode – as Spiderant Slave.