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Spiderant Warriors are mid-level spiderants which are first encountered in The Dust. They are recognizable by blade-shaped armor and light purple coloration.



The Warrior leaps, slashes, and also uses a highly damaging rolling tackle. Out of all the Spiderant breeds, this can be the most difficult to take on as they can outrun Vault Hunters even when sprinting and then leap onto their backs or roll over to knock a sizable portion off their shield. They also have keen reflexes, and can quickly pick up and deliver a rapid string of attacks to anything in front of them.

Like with Workers, its best to try and get behind this blue dervish after it leaps at the target. Not only will this put the abdomen into one's crosshairs, but it will also delay the creature as it tries to lock back onto its target.

Unlike the Soldier, they do not have any ranged attack, making them rather weak if attacked from a safe distance.


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