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Spiderant Soldiers are slightly larger than Spiderant Workers and are common sight witin spiderant ranks.



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Spiderant Soldiers are slow-moving ranged attackers that will only use melee when their target gets in close. They tend to favor hanging back and launching volleys of white, glistening sacs from their abdomen in groups of 3-5, and larger single globs that bounce along the ground and explode like grenades.

Despite the apparently small size of their abdomen, Soldiers are ludicrously easy to score critical hits off of, even when being taken from the front. Aiming just at the top of the head-ridge, critical hits to the abdomen can be scored because the top of the abdomen pokes out just above the head.

Borderlands 2 variants act as the ranged unit along with other spiderants. When spotted, the Soldier will launch 6-7 web projectiles which inflict direct damage instead of just "stunning" the target. They are rather strong in melee but will not move to engage if the target is far.