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Spiderant Scorcher is the tier 3 pet skill in FL4K's Hunter skill tree. While this skill is equipped, FL4K's pet spiderant becomes a Scorcher spiderant. The Scorcher occasionally deals incendiary damage to nearby enemies. FL4K constantly regenerates health and deals increased elemental damage while accompanied by the Scorcher.


  • Health Regeneration: +1.0% of Max Health per second
  • Elemental Damage: +10.0%

Attack Command

  • The Scorcher charges into enemies.



  • Because of how damage is calculated in Borderlands 3, the 10% increased elemental is actually more impactful than it first appears. This is because the more of a specific type of damage boost the character has, the less effective it becomes. For example, a character with just a 30% gun damage boost and a 30% elemental damage boost will deal more damage than a character with just a 60% gun damage boost or just a 60% elemental damage boost. Because FL4K has no other elemental damage boosts besides Spiderant Scorcher, the Spiderant Scorcher provides a much larger boost to FL4K's damage FL4K than other pet.
  • When the Spiderant Scorcher is far away from FL4K, it will dig into the ground and teleport to FL4K. This uses its attack command cooldown, potentially limiting this pet's usefulness in an attack command centered build.

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