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Spiderant Queens (Borderlands) or Queen Spiderants (Borderlands 2) are the nest leaders of spiderants; they are never found alone. They are much tougher than normal spiderants, including the Spiderant King.



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While Queen Spiderants will slash with their large scything talons at times, they prefer to hang back and shoot volleys of large, powerful white projectiles. The larger, delayed-blast projectiles from these mighty matriarchs have been known to instantly cripple a Vault Hunter otherwise distracted by other spiderants. Their abdomens are huge in comparison to their heads allowing for easy critical hits.

If health of the Borderlands 2 variant is brought to 50% or less, she will summon a group of three Spiderant Sentinels. New group of three will be summoned if the previous group has been destroyed. If the Queen is killed by critical hit in the abdomen, group of three spiderlings will spawn from the abdomen.


  • Their names in Borderlands, for various game modes:
    • Playthrough 1: Spiderant Queen
    • Playthrough 2: Spiderant Matriarch
    • Playthrough 2.5: Queen Mother Spiderant
  • Their names in Borderlands 2, for various game modes:
  • Their names in Borderlands 3, for various game modes:
    • Normal Mode: Spiderant Queen
    • True Vault Hunter Mode: Spiderant Matriarch