Spiderant Kings (Borderlands) or King Spiderants (Borderlands 2) are huge spiderants with large heads and small, relatively well protected abdomens. The King Spiderant is a foe to be reckon with. They have high damage attack, ranged attack and a good resistance.



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Kings attack exactly like Spiderant Workers do, except they can leap longer distances, and they are more damaging. Rarely will they shoot volleys of large whitish exploding sacks, which is fortunate as they can be excessively damaging and are hard to avoid.

Borderlands 2 variants are capable of performing the rolling attack, just like Spiderant Gyro or Spiderant Warrior do.


  • Their names are adjusted for each difficulty level:
    • In Borderlands:
      • Playthrough 1: Spiderant King
      • Playthrough 2: Spiderant Overlord
      • Playthrough 2.5: Spiderant Emperor
    • In Borderlands 2:
    • In Borderlands 3:
      • Normal Mode: Spiderant King
      • True Vault Hunter Mode: Spiderant Emperor

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