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Spiderant Kings (Borderlands and Borderlands 3) or King Spiderants (Borderlands 2) are huge spiderants with large heads and small, relatively well protected abdomens. The King Spiderant is a foe to be reckoned with as they have high damage attacks, ranged attacks and good resistance.



Main article: Spiderant#General Strategy

Kings attack exactly like Spiderant Workers do, except that they can leap further and deal more damage.

Borderlands 2 variants are capable of performing the rolling attack, just like Spiderant Gyro or Spiderant Warrior do.


  • Their names are adjusted for each difficulty level:
    • In Borderlands:
      • Playthrough 1: Spiderant King
      • Playthrough 2: Spiderant Overlord
      • Playthrough 2.5: Spiderant Emperor
    • In Borderlands 2:
    • In Borderlands 3:
      • Normal Mode: Spiderant King
      • True Vault Hunter Mode: Spiderant Emperor