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Spiderant Countess is the tier 4 pet skill in FL4K's Hunter skill tree. While this skill is equipped, FL4K's pet spiderant becomes a Countess spiderant. FL4K constantly regenerates health and gains damage reduction while accompanied by the Countess.


  • Health Regeneration: +1.0% of Max Health per second
  • Damage Reduction: +5.0%

Attack Command

  • The Countess burrows then reemerges, dealing corrosive damage in an area.


The Countess's Attack Command can be helpful for quickly sending her to faraway enemies, drawing their aggro and preventing them from attacking FL4K.


  • The Countess only deals corrosive damage.
  • While all of the spiderant pets burrow underground in order to catch up to the player, when the Countess does so it counts as a usage of her Attack Command and thus begins its cooldown.
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