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The Soldier Spiderant is a type of spiderant who's main purpose is to defend its colony. The Soldier is quite similar to Spiderant Knights in both appearance and movement, but has different armor on its body covering a majority of its abdomen, making critical hits difficult to land from a distance.

The Spiderant Soldier is called a Spiderant Legionnaire in True Vault Hunter Mode.


King Spiderants are a tougher version of a standard Spiderant with an orangish-yellow body. What they lack in physical armor, they make up for in significantly increased health and strength. They move at a quick pace, and their attacks are melee based, so it is advised to fight them from a distance.

The King Spiderant becomes the Emperor Spiderant in True Vault Hunter Mode.


Queen Spiderants are large, slow moving spiderants many more ways to defend themselves than most of Pandora's wildlife. In addition to powerful attacks and very high health, Queen Spiderants can call Spiderant Soldiers to assist them. If a Queen Spiderant is killed with a critical hit (which requires a shot on its abdomen), it may spawn several spiderlings that attack on sight.

Queen Spiderants are called Spiderant Matriarchs in True Vault Hunter Mode.

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