Spectres are the Guardian enemies in Borderlands 3. First met during Beneath the Meridian mission.


Spectres are melee type of Guardians met at the final section of Neon Arterial. As Guardians they are an energy based life forms so their health acts like a regular shield and recharges when not damaged long enough. On death may release a soul that will possess its nearby ally if not destroyed.


Spectre is an exclusively melee attacker that uses its energetic blades as a primary weapon.


  • Crossblade - performs a cross-cut with both blades
  • Upwrad slash
  • Lunge - quickly lunges at the target with its blades extended
  • Somersault Slash - performs a backward somersault with its blades extended

Like all Guardians this enemy is susceptible to Shock damage. May also be easily frozen.


When absorbing the soul of a fallen ally Spectre becomes possessed. Possessed Spectre gains armor.


Possessed Spectre

Possessed Spectre

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