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Spectres are guardian enemies in Borderlands 3. They are first met during the Beneath the Meridian mission.



  • Spectres are a melee type of guardian met at the final section of Neon Arterial and then later of Nekrotafeyo.
  • Spectres is are melee enemies that use their energy blades as a primary weapon. They run toward their target at full speed.
  • Spectres have the following attacks:
    • Crossblade - performs a cross-cut with both blades.
    • Upward slash - Uppercut with a blade.
    • Lunge - quickly lunges at the target with its blades extended.
    • Somersault Slash - performs a backward somersault with its blades extended.
  • Like all guardians, Spectres are susceptible to shock damage.


  • When absorbing the soul of a fallen ally, a Spectre becomes possessed. Possessed Spectres gains armor and the ability to recharge their shields at will.
  • As Guardians, they are an energy-based life form and health acts like a regular shield and recharges when damage is not taken after some time.
  • On death, it may release a soul that will possess its nearby ally if not destroyed.
  • In the Takedown at the Guardian Breach they receive a Fortified prefix.