Throughout Pandora, you will come across some unique pieces of equipment. These items contain special effects beyond that which is stated directly on the item card. Instead, there will be a line of "red text", often a pop-culture reference, telling you that there is an underlying special effect within the item.

About Special Effects

The special effect items found across Pandora will vary in rarity. While these items are unique, the stats (damage, accuracy, reload speed, etc) accompanying the item will vary, primarily based on your level, however the special effect will always be the same.

It's important to note that any of these items obtainable only through a quest can only be gotten once per play through. The level of the weapon you receive from a quest is determined when you accept the quest, not when you turn it in, so if you are trying to get some of the special effect items later in the game, don't pick up the quest right away.

Introduced in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC, there are five special effect items that have two pieces of flavor text. First you will see the red flavor text. Then right under that, you will see a turquoise flavor text, or the curse. The latest DLC brought different color red text found on a variety of items(Values/meaning unknown, easy example is Neogenator (Shield). The red text is noticeably darker than what is found on for example, the Bonus Package (Grenade Mod).

All of the special effects (Positive and Negative) are explained on their respective weapon page. You can also get a sense of how the stats vary based on your level as users are encouraged to provided variations of each unique special effect item they obtain in game.

Almost every Legendary item is a world drop. However, each item has a specific boss that has an increased drop rate compared to the other comparable bosses, so if you're farming, that's where you want to start. There are certain restrictions to that, such as Blood of Terramorphous, which only drops from Terramorphous the Invincible.


Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Dahlminator Dodge this. Fires homing & ricocheting projectiles that stick to enemy and explode (usually Corrosive). Can be found with either 2x or 4x ammo per shot. The Lost Treasure
Devastator Hail. Fires two bullets in a burst. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)
Fibber Would I lie to you? All stats on the weapon are inaccurate. Actual stats are highly variable. See weapon page for details. A Real Boy: Human
Flynt's Tinderbox Good for starting fires. High chance to cause fire effect. Bullets travel in an arc. Captain Flynt
Greed Thief. No speed loss when aiming down the sights. Always elemental. Captain Scarlett
Gub Abt Natural Massive magazine, always corrosive. Laney White
Gunerang Give it a burl. Reloading throws the gun like a boomerang and it chases the nearest target, which can be yourself. Rakkman
Gwen's Head Thinking outside the box. Burst-fires 7 rounds when zoomed in. Various locations in The Dust
Hornet Fear the swarm! Always corrosive, high elemental effect chance, 5-10 round bursts. Knuckle Dragger
Infinity It's closer than you think! Does not consume ammo. Aiming down the sight doesn't impair movement speed. Spead pattern creates an infinity symbol. Doc Mercy
Judge I am free now. Bonus critical hit damage. Assassin Oney
Lady Fist Love is a Lady Finger. True Love is a Lady Fist. Deals +400% critical hit damage. Increased magazine size. Uncle Teddy if you choose Una Baha
Law De Da. Always +100% Melee damage. 100% Accuracy and recoil reduction while zoomed. If Order is equipped, melee strikes from Law restore health. Sheriff and Won't Get Fooled Again
Little Evie Shock and awwwww! So cute! Increased elemental damage and chance. Increases cool-down rate when on cool-down. Lil' Sis
Logan's Gun Gun, Gunner! Rounds explode directly on contact, then continue traveling until striking an inert surface, upon which after a small delay they explode again. Wilhelm
Maggie Monty's wife don't take no guff. Fires a 6 pellet shot (10 pellets if spawned with 'Two Fer' prefix) projectile, at the cost of 1 bullet (Costs 2 bullets with 'Two Fer' prefix). Mick Zaford
Pocket Rocket Did you ever have a feeling...? Fires high-speed projectiles at the cost of 2 rounds. Increased explosion radius. Torgue Vending Machine
Rubi Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried. High elemental chance. Damage dealt with the gun on enemies causes you to gain health (12%). Rakkaholics Anonymous
Teapot Havin' a tea Partay drinkin' mah Teeea! Always corrosive. Corrosive effect spreads to nearby enemies. You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party
Thunderball Fists I can have such a thing? Shots fired produce electrical orbs, which travel for a couple seconds, and then explode for shock damage. Captain Flynt
Unkempt Harold Did I fire six shots, or only five? Three? Seven. Whatever. Each trigger pull sends out a shot over a horizontal arc that slowly splits until 7 projectiles are traveling. Each shot costs 3 rounds. Savage Lee or Torgue Vending Machine
Veritas Shoulda stopped at one. +10% duration to Fight For Your Life for every Aequitas or Veritas equipped in the party. Clan War: Wakey Wakey


Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Blockhead Also try Minecraft! It fires a unique 3x3 spread of fireball blocks that ricochet off of surfaces. Creeper
Conference Call Let's just ping everyone all at once. Generates additional projectiles upon ricochet or after sufficient distance. Reduced accuracy and recoil recovery. The Warrior
Deliverance Kiki got a shotgun Reload-thrown weapon continues to fire after thrown and homes in on targets. Tumba
Dog Because one barrel ain't enough, and two is too few. Increased damage, fire rate and magazine size at the cost of stability. Assassin Rouf
Flakker Flak The World Increased damage, Consumes 4 ammo per shot, extremely large spread, rounds detonate after reaching a certain distance. The Warrior or Torgue Vending Machine
Heart Breaker I don't want to set the world on fire... Increased projectile count, fire rate and always has incendiary tech. Shoots in heart shaped pattern. Any inflicted damage returns health to the wielder (2% of damage). Safe and Sound
Jolly Roger A Pirate's like for me. High pellet count, pellets form a 'Skull and Bones' pattern. Just Desserts For Desert Deserters
Landscaper Get off my lawn! Fires 4 projectiles at the cost of 2 ammo. Projectile spread forms a rectangle. Projectiles stick to any surface then explode. Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks if you side with Hodunks
Octo Octo mean 9. Fires 8 pellets in 3x3 pattern with centre left pellet missing. pellets are slow moving and fly in a Sine-Wave pattern while leaving yellow orange trails. Slap Happy
Orphan Maker Make Orphans Often
Curse of the Nefarious Backlash!
Flavor: Low pellet count and a massive damage bonus.
Curse Flavor: Every shot fired will deal a small amount of damage (5% of weapon damage rating) to the wielding character.
Message In A Bottle (Oasis)
Retcher Ewww Always spawns with corrosive element. Shoots corrosive balls similiar to E-Tech Splatguns. Reloading throws weapon and causes small corrosive explosion, After initial explosion, weapon set off two additional child grenades. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)
RokSalt Don't retreat. Instead, reload! Increased reload speed. Splinter Group
Also drops from Flinter
Shotgun 1340 I like being a gun. Hyperion Loader voice while firing, reloading, swapping, etc. Out of Body Experience
Sledge's Shotgun The Legend Lives Burst-fires two shots per trigger pull, with a long delay between each burst. Smash-Head
Slow Hand Take your time, Sugar... Fires a slow-moving projectile with high elemental effect chance and splash damage. Unlike normal E-Tech shotguns, it is not affected by gravity Badassaurus Rex
Striker Fandir? Thirteen Additional critical damage, added with exceptional accuracy and minuscule spread. Old Slappy
Teeth of Terramorphous His teeth made them flee in shame... Always incendiary. Fires two horizontal rows of 6 rounds which rise, then fall and close in on each other after a specific distance, much like a mouth closing. Terramorphous the Invincible
Tidal Wave Flee the Wave, Dude! Fires 13 horizontal slow moving projectiles in a wave pattern that ricochets off of surfaces once if it does not hit an enemy. Uncle Teddy if you choose Hyperion
Triquetra Good things kill in threes. Consumes 3 ammo per shot, increased damage and number of pellets. Pellets fire in a triquetra shape. Clan War: End of the Rainbow

Assault Rifles

Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Boom Puppy Boom! Boom! Boom! BOOM! BOOOM!!!! GOOD DOGGY!!! Fires a low velocity, bouncing grenade which explodes each time it bounces. Grenade continues bouncing for a number of seconds before detonating. Walking the Dog
Evil Smasher Evil will be SMASHED!!! WITH SMASHING!!! EVIL!!! SMASH!!! ER!!! High-velocity explosive bullets (from hip and sights). Double damage against bandits. Random buffs to weapon stats when firing. The Chosen One
Hail What play thing can you offer me today? Fires bullets in an arc. Damage done with this gun heals the wielder. Bandit Slaughter
Hammer Buster Gar! Gorarr! My dad's a scientist! GWARRRR!!!! Unusually high bullet damage compared to similar rifles. McNally
KerBlaster Torgue got more BOOM! Consumes 4 ammo per shot. Each shot fires one projectile which has a straight trajectory and explodes on impact. The explosion releases a grenade which also explodes one second later. Midge-Mong or Torgue Vending Machine
Kitten We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad. Fires 3 bullets per shot at the cost of one ammo. Spread takes the shape of a smiley face, with two eyes and a wide grin. Heals the user when inflicting damage at a rate of 2.5% of the damage inflicted with the weapon. Everybody Wants to be Wanted
Madhous! It's a Madhouse! A MADHOUSE!!! Bullets fired will follow a slightly swerving path that swerves back and forth left-right or up-down (orientation is random), then will split into two upon impact and bounce, bullets become faster after every bounce. Supposed to drop from Mad Dog, currently glitched
Rapier As I end the refrain, thrust home.
Curse of the Porcelain Fist!
Flavor: +200% Melee Damage.
Curse Flavor: The user takes increased damage from Melee attacks.
Message In A Bottle (Hayter's Folly)
Scorpio Say not in grief: "He is no more." but live in thankfulness that he was. Increased burst-fire count when zoomed. When not zoomed, fire rate increases and decreases randomly going from as low as 7 to up to 11. High accuracy. (Sounds like an army salute drum snare) Bearer of Bad News
Seraphim Holy? Holy? Holey! Fires projectiles in a slower velocity. It fires a 3-round burst when zoomed, and is always incendiary. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)
Shredifier Speed Kills! Initially has a very high rate of fire, reaches top fire rate in half the time. The spin-speed is retained much longer than other miniguns, likely long enough to retain most or all of it's fire rate after reloading. Also sports an enhanced magazine size. No one drops it, must be found in chests
Stinkpot We're pirates, we don't follow the rules Always corrosive, can spread corrosion to other enemies. In addition, rounds which do not strike a surface dead-on will ricochet. No-Beard
Stomper Oh, sorry, was that your head? High critical damage. Hungry Like the Skag
Veruc I want that rifle, Daddy! Fires 3 projectiles at the cost of 2 bullets in a horizontally linear spread. When zoomed, fires a five-round burst of the same pattern, but each group gets progressively tighter towards the center bullet - the first group of the burst is the same as if hip-fired; the fifth is very close to centered. Mobley

Sniper Rifles

Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Buffalo Bison Bison had had had had had Bison Bison Bison shi shi shi Boosted normal damage and very high critical damage, weapon always spawns without a scope. Demon Hunter
Chère-amie Je suis enchante, Ou est le bibliotheque Transfusion effect. Also heals player when an enemy is suffering from its elemental effect. Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5
Cobra Found out about this I was like DAAAMN, I'm bringing that gun BACK! Fires projectiles with Explosive properties. Does not seem to be available anywhere in The Campaign of Carnage.
Fremington's Edge I can see my house from here. Increased zoom, increased critical hit damage. Assassin Reeth
Invader The Executioner has arrived. Fires a burst of 5 rounds when scoped. Saturn
Longbow Ceci n'est pas une sniper rifle! It fires slow moving projectiles that look like arrows from the video game Minecraft. Badass Creeper
Lyuda Man Killer Shoots one projectile which branches into three after a certain distance. Bullets travels horizontally at an angle from branch point. Increased critical hit damage. Gettle
Morningstar "A Rose by any other name..." Powerful rifle, but berates the user any time they reload, kill an enemy or score a critical hit in a nagging, whiny voice. Hyperion Contract 873
Patriot Our voice will not be silenced! Fires slower-moving projectiles. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)
Pimpernel Sink me! When the bullet impacts it splits into five lower-damage elemental energy balls that are cast out in an even distribution from the point of impact for additional damage. Don't Copy That Floppy
Pitchfork Mainstream'd Fires 5 horizontal shots in a line. Terramorphous the Invincible
Skullmasher Makes your brain hurt. Shoots five projectiles at the cost of one round. Son of Mothrakk
Sloth Yeah, booze'll do that to ya... Reduced bullet speed, increased damage. While equipped, Mordecai will maintain echo connected to the vault hunter and comment on actions such as going into fight for your life. Rakkaholics Anonymous
Trespasser I infrequently perish. Shots bypass shields and Mordecai contacts you via ECHO to see if you're all right when getting a Second Wind. Animal Rights
Volcano Pele humbly requests a sacrifice, if it's not too much trouble. Large bonus to incendiary effect. Emits a fire cloud upon impact, spreading incendiary damage over nearby enemies. The Warrior

Rocket Launchers

Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
12 Pounder Nec Pluribus Impar, Bitches. Fires arcing cannonballs that skip or bounce once before exploding; provided the angle of incidence is sharp enough. Unusually high damage. Big Sleep
Ahab for hate's sake Shoots a harpoon styled projectile that sticks into a target before exploding. The projectile will curve downward steeply. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)
Badaboom Multi-kill. Fires six rockets at the cost of one rocket ammo. King Mong
Bunny Hippity Hoppity! When reloaded it drops out active grenades at random while bouncing like a rabbit leaping. Chubby Enemies
Creamer non-dairy High rocket velocity, rocket splits in two and spreads after a certain distance. Inflicted damage restores health to the weapon's wielder. Creature Slaughter Round 5
Hive full of bees. Fires a stationary "beehive" that emits small homing corrosive rockets. Saturn
Mongol The horde will always return!
Consumes reduced ammo per shot
Just kidding, no it doesn't
Fires a large rocket which in turn fires off smaller rockets as it travels. Also has unique white text, first saying it uses reduced ammunition, then having the unique line "just kidding, no it doesn't." The actual effect is that the Mongol uses two ammo per shot instead of every third shot using no ammo. Dukino's Mom
Norfleet Blows Up Everything!!! Hurls three large purple balls of energy in a horizontal line. Each ball deals a tremendous amount of damage while covering a large area of effect.
Note: Spawns with E-Tech barrel, yet treated as Legend and has orange flavor text instead of red
Vermivorous the Invincible
Nukem Name Dropper Rockets fire in an arc and explode in a mushroom cloud upon detonation. The Black Queen or Torgue Vending Machine
Pyrophobia It's actually a fairly rational fear in this case. Always Incendiary. Projectiles explode multiple times mid-flight before hitting their target. Incinerator Clayton
Roaster Toasty! Unknown Note for Self-Person


Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Actualizer We need to talk about your DPS report. Weapon always has 200% bonus accuracy. However, this effect actually makes this weapon less accurate than comparable Hyperion SMGs. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)
Baby Maker Who's a widdle gunny wunny!!! Thrown weapon spawns "child grenades," identical but smaller versions of the original gun. Madame Von Bartlesby and Mad Dog
Bad Touch When I'm good, I'm very good... Always corrosive. While wielding this gun, dealing damage (from either the gun or special abilities or even grenades) causes health regeneration (2% of damage inflicted). Received from Moxxi after tipping her an unknown amount
Bane in Spain, stays mainly on the plain. Reduced movement speed. When fired the weapon yells out annoying sounds and phrases. The Bane
Bitch yup. back. Critical hit damage bonus. BNK-3R
Bone Shredder The Lead Wind Blows! Always has a double accessory. Bone Head 2.0
Chulainn Riastrad! Fires rounds that procs both shock and slag. The wielder is slagged as long as the weapon is equipped. Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks if you side with Zafords
Commerce I have a Soldier, a Siren, two Scooters and a Claptrap. Always Shock elemental. Assassin Wot
Emperor you know... for him. Delivers a burst of 6 bullets to the target at reliable recoil. Very fast accuracy recovery. Assassin Wot, Assassin Oney, Assassin Reeth, and Assassin Rouf
Good Touch ...but when I'm bad, I'm better. Always incendiary. Dealing damage causes the player to regenerate health (2.5% of damage inflicted). Also vibrates while wielded. Received from Moxxi after tipping her an unknown amount
HellFire We don't need no fire High fire elemental damage, high elemental effect chance, small explosion damage radius which deals reduced damage and infinite proc stacking. Scorch
Lascaux The gun of the Bulls. Modified Dahl Burst-fire module: fires 13-round bursts that leaves a bullet pattern similar to the Lascaux cave paintings. Always spawns with a Double Mod and +100% Recoil Reduction. Frostburn Canyon
Sand Hawk In. Not Unlike Errol. Consumes three rounds per shot, producing 8 slow-moving projectiles in a horizontal bird-shaped pattern which shifts as though flapping its wings. Whoops
Slagga blagaga Always Slag element. Fires 3 slag projectiles per shot at a cost of one SMG ammo. Tector & Jimbo Hodunk
Tattler If thou'st would'st snitch'st, acquire thine stich! Fires slow-moving projectiles with a large spread. Fires two shots at the cost of one ammo. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)


Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
1340 Shield If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Hyperion Loader voice module Out of Body Experience
Aequitas The second is better. +10% duration to Fight For Your Life for every Aequitas or Veritas equipped in the party. Clan War: Wakey Wakey
The Bee Float like a butterfly... Large amount of Amp shot damage, 0 Amp Shot Drain. Lowered shield capacity. Increased Shield Recharge Rate. Increased Recharge Delay. Hunter Hellquist
Big Boom Blaster For all your big boom blasting needs! Each booster dropped causes a small explosion as well as restoring one grenade and rocket ammo upon pick-up. Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (120 crystals)
Black Hole You are the center of the universe. Pulls nearby enemies towards you when shields are depleted, similar to the effect of singularity grenades. Foreman Jasper
Cradle the grave. When shield is depleted it is disposed of...with explosive results. Henry
Deadly Bloom What do you mean...theoretically? Explosive Nova triggered when shields or health is depleted. The Overlooked: This is Only a Test
Evolution Strength through adversity. Adds Health Regeneration. Taking shield damage increases regeneration. Large Elemental Resistance bonus. Health capacity is increased while Action Skill is active. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (120 crystals)
Flame of the Firehawk From the ashes she will rise. Constant fire nova effect while shields are at 0. This effect lasts indefinitely, as long as the shield remains at 0, and triggers roughly every two seconds. Cult Following: The Enkindling
Hide of Terramorphous ...His hide turned the mightiest tame... It is a combination of the Roid, Nova (fire), and Spike (fire) shield types. It also gives an extremely high roid damage boost. Terramorphous the Invincible
Hoplite Alone a mere soldier, together an unstoppable phalanx Substantially increases shield capacity and decreases movement speed for every Hoplite in the party. Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (120 crystals)
Impaler Vlad would be proud Launches Corrosive homing spikes when damaged at range. Deals Corrosive spike damage to melee attackers. The Warrior
Love Thumper If thumping you is wrong, I don't want to be right Ludicriously increased recharge delay. When shield is depleted, in addition to normal Roid bonus the shield also causes Nova explosions every time the user connects with a melee attack. These explosions can damage other vault hunters in co-op. Best Mother's Day Ever
Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield What a fabulous window treatment.
Curse of the Elementals!
Flavor: Adds bonus Explosive Damage to all Melee Attacks. This ability stays in effect, even while shields are totally depleted.
Curse Flavor: Wearer takes increased damage from elemental sources.
Message In A Bottle (Wurmwater)
Neogenator For an impenetrable shield stand inside yourself Increased health and health regeneration. High elemental resistance. Spycho
Order Chung-gunk! When the Law revolver is equipped, any melee damage done is converted to health. BFFs
Pot O' Gold Blarney I say! 'Tis blarney! When damaged the shield has a small chance to drop money as well as shield boosters. Bagman
Pun-chee You wanna go, asshole? Massive Roid melee damage boost when depleted. Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (120 crystals)
The Sham Wow. I CAN do this all day. Extremely high bullet absorption chance. BNK-3R
Sponge Highly absorbent! High capacity combined with high bullet absorption chance. Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (120 crystals)
Tortoise Win by a hare Highest capacity of any non-dlc shield but reduced movement speed while active. Movement speed is increased beyond normal upon shield depletion. Greatly reduced health. Blue
The Transformer There's more than your eye can see. Immunity to shock damage. High chance to absorb enemy bullets. Electricity damage recharges the shield. Pimon
Whisky Tango Foxtrot Situation normal... Chance to drop an IED Booster when damaged.

On Boosters: ...all foxtroted up. Boosters spawn 3 volleys of shock boosters. || Badass or Chubby Enemies

Grenade Mods

Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Bonus Package 2x more awesome, bonus extreme! On exploding, each child grenade spawns another child grenade which is lobbed into the air and detonates, each of the first set of child grenades effectively being a one-round MIRV grenade itself. Boom and Bewm and Torgue Vending Machine
Bouncing Bonny Your sister is such a bitch. Similar to a Bouncing Bettie Grenade; bounces around while releasing a blistering shower of bullets, while spawning a child grenade with every bounce. Loot Midget
Breath of Terramorphous ...His breath was of fire... Always incendiary. Area of effect grenade; spawns child grenades that shoot geysers of flame into the air, burning anything within the blast radius. Terramorphous the Invincible
Crossfire Find, fix, flank, finish! When thrown, acts like a Bouncing Bettie grenade, but has a MIRV effect on each bounce, shooting out another grenade. The grenade shot out also haves what looks like relic particles surrounding it. Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (120 crystals)
Fastball Forget the curveball Ricky, give him the heater. Increased damage, travel speed, and distance range. Decreased fuse time. All at the cost of greatly decreased radius. Boll
Fire Bee Bees are coming! Always incendary. Spits fire in a circular motion. Additionally shoots small missiles of fire in a circular motion similar to the Hive rocket launcher. Unknown
Fuster Cluck Make it rain! Spawns 6 Child grenades midair when thrown. The Pretty Good Train Robbery
Kiss of Death It takes two to get one in trouble. Transfusion effect. Homing elemental grenade that latches onto target's face until they die or grenade detonates. Upon exploding sends out beams that heal allies. Hell Hath No Fury
Leech A skilful leech is better far, than half a hundred men of war. Always elemental. Child grenades. All damage done by the grenade (including damage over time done by elemental status effects) instantly restores the Vault Hunter's health. The Warrior
Meteor Shower Not just for wishing on! Releases two volleys of bomblets. Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (120 crystals)
Captain Blade's Midnight Star Hangin' around with you is no picnic.
Curse of the Cackling Designer!
Flavor: Abnormally high damage for a MIRV grenade.
Curse Flavor: Child grenades spawned are ejected towards the wielder instead of a regular MIRV spread.
Message In A Bottle (Magnys Lighthouse)
Nasty Surprise Supplies Splits during teleport, disappearing into longbow teleport as one grenade, but reappearing as four separate grenades. Each grenade detonates on contact with enemies. Vermivorous the Invincible
O-Negative Universal donor! Unusually high damage for a transfusion grenade. Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (120 crystals)
Pandemic Spread the sickness. Always corrosive. After the grenade's initial explosion, three more homing grenades are spawned. The grenades spawned will home in on enemies and touch them, transferring corrosive damage and then seek out another target. This will continue until the grenades disappear. Mortar
Quasar E=mc^(OMG)/wtf Always shock. Always a Singularity Grenade, but in addition to any other effect the grenade has rather than overriding it. For example, it can generate as a Tesla grenade but will also trigger a Singularity. Ultimate Badass Varkid
Rolling Thunder The thunder shall bring forth the pain! When thrown the grenade has very little arc and stays low to the ground. It behaves like a lobbed rubberized grenade at first but each bounce has a detonation. After several bounces or contact with any hostiles it explodes like a Mirv grenade. Wilhelm, Spycho, and Torgue Vending Machine
Sky Rocket WARNING: Not intended for indoor use Upon detonation grenade pops up into the air and releases a burst of "fireworks." Damage scales to level. Download bonus exclusive to pre-release limited edition packages.
Storm Front Sometimes lightning does strike twice Initial explosion spawns a 'fork' which shoots out a few child grenades. The fork creates an aura that shows the range its electricity can reach (much like teslas). The fork attacks any enemies that wander near it for shock damage. The child grenades also attack enemies near them with a smaller range and slightly less damage. The fork and child grenades explode for additional damage when finished. Mutants fought during Splinter Group

Class Mods

Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Legendary Berzerker Never look at my fist Boosts five Tier 1 skills by 5 points each and increases movement speed while Gunzerking by 20%. Vermivorous the Invincible
Legendary Hunter I never die. Boosts five Tier 1 skills by 5 points each and entering Deception automatically resotres 10% health. Vermivorous the Invincible
Legendary Mechromancer No flavor text. Boosts five Tier 1 skills by 5 points each and increases cooldown rate. Vermivorous the Invincible
Legendary Siren (Giggles) I'm really good at this. Boosts five Tier 1 skills by 5 points each and increases movement speed by 45% while using Phaselock. Vermivorous the Invincible
Legendary Soldier It's like Christmas. Boosts six Tier 1 skills instead of five, but boosts them by 4 points instead of 5. Vermivorous the Invincible
Slayer of Terramorphous No flavor text. Boosts burn damage, burn chance, and maximum health. Also puts 4 points into five Tier 1 skills. This mod is available for all characters.
Note: Zer0's is currently bugged, supporting one of Salvador's skills.
Terramorphous the Invincible


Name Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Quest
Deputy's Badge Who the hell shot me? Increased shotgun damage and reload speed. +10% more time in Fight for Your Life for every equipped Deputy's Badge in the party. Showdown
Sheriff's Badge Take turns and play nice. Increases pistol fire rate, pistol damage, and Fight For Your Life bleed-out time. Also further increases Fight For Your Life time and Max Health by 15% each for every equipped Sheriffs's Badge in the party. Sheriff of Lynchwood
Blood of Terramorphous ...His blood could inspire... Adds health regeneration. Terramorphous the Invincible
Captain Blade's Otto Idol Every man for himself!
Curse of the Sudden-er Death!
Flavor: Killing an enemy restores some health.
Curse Flavor: Reduces Second Wind duration by approximately 3 seconds.
Message In A Bottle (The Rustyards)
Blood of the Seraphs Their power courses through you... Increases health statistics and adds health regeneration. Values are randomized upon equipping or unequipping relic. Seraph Vendor in Oasis (50 crystals)
Might of the Seraphs Become the unstoppable force! Enhances melee ability Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude (50 crystals)
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