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*{{flavor|Name Dropper}} {{Dash}} '''[[Nukem]]''': When fired, the rocket simulates a small Nuclear blast (Drops from The Black Queen)
*{{flavor|Name Dropper}} {{Dash}} '''[[Nukem]]''': When fired, the rocket simulates a small Nuclear blast (Drops from The Black Queen)
*{{flavor|The horde will always return!}} {{Dash}} '''[[Mongol (Borderlands 2)|Mongol]]''': A returning [[Mongol (Borderlands)|Legendary weapon from BL1]]. Uses 2 ammo per shot. Fires a large rocket which in turn fires off smaller rockets as it travels. In the description, states 'consumes less ammo per shot. Just kidding! no it doesn't.' (Drops from Dukino's Mom)
*{{flavor|The horde will always return!}} {{Dash}} '''[[Mongol (Borderlands 2)|Mongol]]''': A returning [[Mongol (Borderlands)|Legendary weapon from BL1]]. Uses 2 ammo per shot. Fires a large rocket which in turn fires off smaller rockets as it travels. In the description, states 'consumes less ammo per shot. Just kidding! no it doesn't.' (Drops from Dukino's Mom)
*{{flavor|Toasty!}} {{Dash}} '''[[Roaster (Borderlands 2)|Roaster]]''': Drastically increased rocket speed (nearly instant at mid range) (this effect may be incorrect, obtained Big Roaster without increased rocket speed), 3 rockets per shot. (Quest reward, "Note for Self-Person") IS a BL1 legendary also, how could the person writing this forget that o_O
*{{flavor|Toasty!}} {{Dash}} '''[[Roaster (Borderlands 2)|Roaster]]''': Drastically increased rocket speed (nearly instant at mid range) (this effect may be incorrect, obtained Big Roaster without increased rocket speed), 3 rockets per shot. (Quest reward, "Note for Self-Person") Another returning Legendary from BL1.
*{{flavor|It's actually a fairly rational fear in this case.}} {{Dash}} '''[[Pyrophobia]]''': Causes the rockets to continuously explode during their flight. (Drops from Incinerator Clayton)
*{{flavor|It's actually a fairly rational fear in this case.}} {{Dash}} '''[[Pyrophobia]]''': Causes the rockets to continuously explode during their flight. (Drops from Incinerator Clayton)
*{{flavor|Multi-kill.}} {{Dash}} '''[[Badaboom]]''': Fires 6 rockets simultaneously at the cost of 1 rocket ammo. (Drops from King Mong)
*{{flavor|Multi-kill.}} {{Dash}} '''[[Badaboom]]''': Fires 6 rockets simultaneously at the cost of 1 rocket ammo. (Drops from King Mong)

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Important note on drops

Although all Legendary weapons can drop from any enemy or chest each Legendary has one specific boss or enemy that it is far more likely to drop from. These specific enemies are what is listed after each non-quest reward weapon.


  • De Da.  – Law: 100% Accuracy and recoil reduction while zoomed. +100% melee damage. (Quest Reward, "Won't get fooled again" or drop from the Sheriff in Lynchwood)
  • Havin' a tea Partay drinkin' mah Teeea!  – Teapot: Corrosive effect spreads to nearby enemies. (Quest Reward, "You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party")
  • I am free now.  – Judge: Additional Critical Hit damage. (Dropped by Assassin Oney in "Assassinate the Assassins")
  • Did I fire six shots, or only five? Three? Seven. Whatever.  – Unkempt Harold: Fires 3 bullets which split into several mini rockets on a horizontal plane. (Drops from Savage Lee)
  • Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried.  – Rubi: High elemental chance, reward from Moxxi. While wielded, any elemental damage-over-time effects cause you to gain health. (Quest Reward, "Rakkaholics Anonymous")
  • Would I lie to you?  – Fibber: Inaccurate stats displayed. Flavor stats +50% love, +3000% damage. Actual behavior is highly variable - may have enormously boosted critical hit damage, fire one projectile or several; shots may ricochet; if they do, ricochet hits may do substantially increased bonus damage; shots may also travel at slow speed when several are fired, if so 7 are fired for high damage - but will be constant for any given instance of the weapon. (Quest reward from Mal in Eridium Blight)
  • Shoulda stopped at one.  – Veritas: +10% duration to Fight For Your Life for every Aequitas or Veritas equipped in the party. (Quest Reward, "Clan Wars: Wakey Wakey")
  • Good for starting fires.  – Flynt's Tinderbox: High chance to cause fire effect and bullets will travel in an arc. (Dropped from Captain Flynt)
  • Thinking outside the box.  – Gwen's Head: Burst fires 7 instead of 3.
  • Fear the Swarm!  – Hornet: Larger burst fires 5 ~ 11 rounds. High Elemental Effect: (Dropped from Knuckle Dragger).
  • Love is a lady finger, True love is a lady fist.  – Lady Fist: Deals +400% damage on crit. High magazine count. Refers to Lady Finger, an early quest reward in BL1. (Quest reward, "Uncle Teddy")
  • I can have such a thing?  – Thunderball Fist: Shots create a ball of lightning after impact, which then explodes 3 seconds after the impact. Ball Lightning deals 300% from electrocute damage upon explosion. (Dropped by Captain Flynt)
  • Dodge this.  – Dahlminator: Fires homing & ricocheting projectiles that stick to the enemy and explode (usually Corrosive). (Quest reward, "The Lost Treasure")
  • Abt natural.  – Gub: Massive Magazine, high chance of elemental effect. (Dropped from Laney, "The Cold Shoulder").
  • It's closer than you think! (No it isn't)  – Infinity: Infinite ammo, does not need to be reloaded. Recoil is in the shape of a sideways-8 infinity sign. (Dropped from Dr Mercy).
  • Give it a burl!  – Gunerang: Reloading throws the gun like a boomerang. (Drops off Rakkman in The Fridge.)
  • Gun, Gunner!  – Logan's Gun: Rounds cause a double explosion on impact. (Dropped by Wilhelm)
  • Monty's wife don't take no guff.  – Maggie: fires a 6 pellet shotgun-like spread. Can be found with 'Two Fer' prefix, which makes it shoot 10 pellets at the cost of 2 rounds of ammo. (Drops from Mick Zaford)
  • Thief.  – Greed: No speed loss when aiming down the sights, elemental Jakobs gun. (Found after X marks the Spot . Drops from Roscoe)
  • Shock and awwwww! So cute!  – Little Evie: (Given by Lil' Sis after killing Mr. Bubbles)


  • Because one barrel aint enough and two is too few.  – Dog: Unclear. (Dropped by Assassin Rouf during Quest "Assassinate the Assassins").
  • Good things kill in threes.  – Triquetra: Consumes 3 ammo per shot, increased damage and number of pellets. Pellets fire in a triquetra shape (an Irish symbol). (Quest Reward, "Clan Wars: End of the Rainbow")
  • I don't want to set the world on fire...  – Heart Breaker: Fire damage and +50% critical damage. Shoots in a heart pattern. When holding this weapon any elemental damage-over-time you deal causes you to gain health. (Quest Reward, "Safe and Sound")
  • I like being a gun.  – Shotgun 1340: Has Hyperion Loader voice. (Quest reward, "Out of body experience")
  • Let's just ping everyone at once.  – Conference Call: Low-pellet-count, high-damage shotgun with small spread. Additional pellets will fire from the sides and behind out of thin air, quadrupling the pellet count for a massive amount of hits (Drops from the Warrior)
  • Also try Minecraft!  – Blockhead: Fires 9 pellets in a square formation. Pellets ricochet off walls. (Drops from Badass Creeper)
  • Octo means nine...  – Octo: Fires 8 pellets in 3x3 pattern with one pellet missing. Pellets are relatively slow moving, but fly in a sine-wave pattern, expanding and collapsing the spread as they travel. So, at specific distances, the cluster is tight, and at others spread out, and the missing pellet changes sectors with each collapse. Depending on elemental damage, pellets may leave colored trails. (Quest Reward, "Slap-Happy")
  • Don't retreat, instead reload!  – RokSalt: Very fast reload speed, every killed enemy drops shotgun ammo. (Quest Reward, "Splinter Group")
  • Get off my lawn!  – Landscaper: Fires four projectiles in a trapezoid pattern that attach to a surface and explode after a short duration. (Quest Reward, "Clan War: Zafords vs Hodunks")
  • Makes Orphans Often.  – Orphan Maker Low pellet count, high damage and occasionally bonus Critical Hit damage.
    Curse of the Nefarious Backlash!  – Orphan Maker: Firing inflicts minor damage on the user. (Quest reward: Message in a Bottle; Pirate's Booty DLC)
  • Flak The World  – Flakker: Fires many projectiles in a flak-like pattern which travels slowly in the direction the user is facing (Drops from the Warrior)
  • Fandir? Thirteen.  – Striker: High Accuracy, very low spread. +70% crit damage. (Drops from Old Slappy)
  • The Legend Lives  – Sledge's Shotgun: Burst fire. (Drops from Smash Head)
  • Kiki got a shotgun  – Deliverance: When shotgun is thrown for reload, it will fly and seek enemies like a homing grenade, as well as shooting at anything it's chasing. It will explode when it touches an enemy or after five seconds. (Drops from Tumba)
  • Flee the wave, Dude!  – Tidal Wave: Fires 7 horizontal slow moving projectiles in a wave pattern that ricochets off of surfaces once if it does not hit an enemy. (Quest Reward, "Uncle Teddy")
  • His teeth made them flee in shame...  – Teeth of Terramorphous: Fire elemental. Shoots in a closing jaw-like pattern (Drops from Terramophous)
  • A Pirate's Life for me!  – Jolly Roger: Shoots in a Skull 'n' Bones pattern, high pellet count for a 3 ammo per shot shotgun. (Quest Reward, "Just Desserts for Desert Deserters")

Combat Rifles

  • I want that rifle, daddy!  – Veruc: 3-projectile horizontal spread from hipfire. Increases to 7-projectile spread from scoped fire. (Drops from Mobley)
  • Gar! Gorarr!! My dad's a scientist! GWARRRR!!!!  – Hammer Buster: Unusually high bullet damage compared to similar rifles. (Drops from McNally)
  • Say not in grief: "He is no more," but live in thankfulness that he was.  – Scorpio: Occasionally fires multiple rounds. Extra shots still consume ammo, and may proc to a random element. (Quest reward, "Bearer of Bad News")
  • Evil will be SMASHED!!! WITH SMASHING!!! EVIL!!! SMASH!!! ER!!!  – Evil Smasher: Has custom skin, covered in doodles and stick figure art. On reload, has a random chance (10% maybe?) to make a sound and add 17 to its magazine size (can just fire one shot and reload until you get it). Shots fired from this mag do roughly 10x normal damage and have a faster fire rate. Accuracy and recoil recuperation are also increased. This effect goes away if you switch weapons. (Quest reward, "The Chosen One").
  • What play thing can you offer me today?  – Hail: Bullets are fired at a 45 degree angle upward, causing the bullets to land ~30 meter away minimum unless aiming down into the floor. The rounds also split into two projectiles after some distance and resemble fireworks when shot for prolonged periods. Its normal non-zoomed sight is also switched to a range markers one with no actual cross-hair. (Quest reward, "Bandit Slaughter: Round 5")
  • Oh sorry, Was that your head?  – Stomper: Higher Crit Damage. Has custom skin. (Quest Reward, "Hungry Like a Skag")
  • Torgue got more BOOM!  – KerBlaster: Fires a bullet sized rocket, that explodes on contact. Spawns a single child grenade after impact. (Drops from Midgemong's Bullymong)
  • Speed Kills!  – Shredifier: High fire rate, long barrel spin duration.
  • It's a Madhouse! A MADHOUSE!!!  – Madhous!: Bullets fired split into two upon impact and bounce, bullets become faster after every bounce. (Drops from Mad Dog)
  • We're pirates. We don't follow the rules.  – Stinkpot: Bullets fired bounce off of one non-organic surface before exploding on second contact. Elemental Jakobs
  • As I end the refrain, thrust home.  – Rapier: 200% melee damage. (Quest Reward: Message in a Bottle - Hayter's Folly; Pirate's Booty DLC)
    Curse of the Porcelain Fist!  – Rapier: Melee attacks the user recieves instantly destroy fully charged shields. (Quest reward: Message in a Bottle - Hayter's Folly; Pirate's Booty DLC)

Sniper Rifles

  • Bison Bison had had had had had Bison Bison Bison shi shi shi  – Buffalo: Increased critical hit damage and increased normal damage, always has no scope. (Quest reward: Demon Hunter)
  • I can see my house from here.  – Fremington's Edge: Increased zoom level. While scoped, has the Hyperion steadying effect without having to fire. (Dropped from Reeth the Assassin during Quest "Assassinate the Assassins")
  • I infrequently perish.  – Trespasser: Ignores shields. Callback to Mordecai's Trespass skill from Borderlands 1, which gave up to a 100% chance to ignore shields. Mordecai also contacts you via ECHO to see if you're alright when getting a Second Wind. (Quest reward, "Animal Rights")
  • Yeah, booze'll do that to ya...  – Sloth: Burst fire sniper rifle with slow moving rounds. (Quest reward, "Rakkaholics Anonymous")
  • Mainstream'd!  – Pitchfork: 5 Horizontal Shot Burst Fire. (Drop from Terramorphus)
  • Pele humbly requests a sacrifice, if it's not too much trouble.  – Volcano: Fire damage bonus, fire effect spreads to nearby enemies. (Drop from the Warrior)
  • a Rose by any other name...  – Morningstar: Annoying, guilt-tripping voice on reload, kill, or critical hit. Chance of additional +100% or +200% critical hit damage. Storing gun also does annoying voice which plays at random intervals. (Quest reward, "Hyperion Contract #873")
  • Je suis enchante, Ou est le bibliotheque?  – Chère-amie: Sends out healing beams on hit like Transfusion grenades. The gun has similar effects to Kyros' Power in the previous game. (Quest reward, "Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5")
  • Man Killer.  – Lyuda, White Death: Fires a trio of projectiles in a horizontal pattern for the cost of 1 bullet. Increased critical hit damage. (Drop from Gettle)
  • Makes your brain hurt.  – Skullmasher: x5 pellet per bullet, all of which can be dead center. (Drop from Son of Mothrakk) Is also a returning BL1 legendary, why is there no mention of it?
  • The Executioner has arrived.  – Invader: Fires five shots in burst (Drop from Saturn)
  • Ceci n'est pas un Sniper Rifle.  – Longbow: (Translated: This is not a Sniper Rifle) Scopeless, fire damage, and fires a slow, arcing projectile which leaves pixelated trail (resembling the arrows in Minecraft). (Drop from Badass Creeper)
  • Sink me!  – Pimpernel: Fires a single round that on impact releases 5 globules matching the gun's element in 5 directions which also explode on impact. One travels vertically, the other four horizontally at 90 degree spacing. (Quest Reward from C3n50r807/Censorbot - Mission: "Don't Copy That Floppy")

Rocket Launchers

  • Hippity Hoppity!  – Bunny: When reloaded the gun bounces along the ground in a forward-random direction similar to a rubberized grenade. It will also randomly drop active grenades as it bounces. (Found off chubby enemies)
  • Name Dropper  – Nukem: When fired, the rocket simulates a small Nuclear blast (Drops from The Black Queen)
  • The horde will always return!  – Mongol: A returning Legendary weapon from BL1. Uses 2 ammo per shot. Fires a large rocket which in turn fires off smaller rockets as it travels. In the description, states 'consumes less ammo per shot. Just kidding! no it doesn't.' (Drops from Dukino's Mom)
  • Toasty!  – Roaster: Drastically increased rocket speed (nearly instant at mid range) (this effect may be incorrect, obtained Big Roaster without increased rocket speed), 3 rockets per shot. (Quest reward, "Note for Self-Person") Another returning Legendary from BL1.
  • It's actually a fairly rational fear in this case.  – Pyrophobia: Causes the rockets to continuously explode during their flight. (Drops from Incinerator Clayton)
  • Multi-kill.  – Badaboom: Fires 6 rockets simultaneously at the cost of 1 rocket ammo. (Drops from King Mong)
  • Non-dairy.  – Creamer: High rocket velocity, rocket splits in two after a certain distance. A ratio to the damage done is converted to health, no matter direct damage or damage over time. (Quest Reward, "Creature Slaughter: Round 5")
  • full of bees.  – Hive: Consumes 4 ammo per shot. Fires a stationary "beehive" that emits small homing rockets. (Drops from Saturn)
  • Blows up everything!!!  – Norfleet: An E-Tech Rocket Launcher that hurls three balls of energy similar to that seen from PRAZMA CANNONS. Each ball travels at a rather slow and hectic motion (not in a straight line), with each ball dealing a tremendous amount of damage while covering a large area of effect. (Drops from Vermivorous)
  • Nec Pluribus Impar, Bitches.  – 12 Pounder: Has extremely high damage and high accuracy. Fires an arcing cannonball that bounces once if it hits a surface. Also reloads incredibly fast. (Drops from The Big Sleep)


  • in Spain, stays mainly on the plain  – Bane: Slows movement to a crawl (even running),produces Psycho Midget noises when switching to it, firing, and reloading. (Quest Reward: "The Bane")
  • When I'm good, I'm very good...  – Bad Touch: While wielded, any elemental damage-over-time you deal returns health.
  • ...but when I'm bad, I'm better.  – Good Touch: When held the controller vibrates, does highly increased critical and Fire Damage. While wielded, any elemental damage-over-time you deal returns health. Has near-perfect accuracy when scoped. Opening your inventory stops the vibration until you switch weapons. (Note: both Bad Touch and Good Touch can be obtained repeatedly at different levels by tipping.)
  • The gun of the Bulls.  – Lascaux: 9-round burst fire while scoped; always has a Double mod and +100% recoil reduction. The fire pattern is fixed, resembling a bull. The crosshairs display an area much smaller than the firing pattern. (always found in Frostburn Canyon)
  • Riastrad!  – Chulainn: Fires rounds that has procs both shock and slag, player is slagged when equipped. (Quest reward, "Clan Wars")
  • I have a Soldier, a Siren, two Scooters and a Claptrap.  – Commerce: Unclear, possibly fast reload speed. (Dropped by Assassin Wot in "Assassinate the Assassins")
  • Who's a widdle gunny wunny.  – Baby Maker: Spawns 1-4 child grenades after initial Tediore explosion. Tediore weapon grenade deals 200% increased damge in comparison to other Tediore of same bullet damage and clip amount. (Drops from Madame Von Bartlesby, due to a bug it also drops from Mad Dog)
  • You know... For him.  – Emperor: When zoomed, fires 6 shot burst. Very fast accuracy recovery. (Drops from any of the Assassins in "Assassinate the Assassins" )
  • We don't need no fire.  – Hellfire: A returning Legendary weapon from BL1. High fire damage that stacks and triggers on every shot. (Drops from Scorch)
  • yup. back.  – Bitch: A returning Legendary weapon from BL1. Extremely low (< -100%) "recoil reduction" - firing increases accuracy very quickly compared to most Hyperion SMGs. (Drops from BNK-3R)
  • The Lead Wind Blows!  – Bone Shredder: A returning Unique weapon from BL1. Fires two bullets per shot. (Drops from Bone Head 2.0.)
  • blagaga.  – Slagga: Three pellets per bullet, always has Slag element. (Drops from Tector and Jimbo Hodunk)
  • We need to talk about your DPS report.  – Actualizer: (This weapon is part of the Pirate's Booty DLC) +200% Weapon Accuracy.
  • In. Not unlike Errol.  – Sand Hawk: Uses three rounds per shot. Fires a "bird" of 8 shots that actually flaps its wings. (This weapon is part of the Pirate's Booty DLC)


  • Chung-gunk!  – Order: When a "Law" type revolver is equipped, any melee damage done is converted to health. (Quest Reward, "BFFs")
  • From the ashes she will rise.  – Flame of the Firehawk: Constant fire nova effect while shields are at 0. This effect lasts indefinitely, as long as your shield remains at 0, triggers roughly every two seconds. (Quest reward, "Cult Following; The Enkindling")
  • If thumping you is wrong, I don't want to be right.  – Love Thumper: High roid damage. Low recharge rate and incredibly high recharge delay counting into several minutes. Melee attacks create a Nova-like explosion while the player is buffed by its roid damage. Currently the nova explosion damages friendly players in your game. (Quest reward, "Best mother's day ever!")
  • What do you mean... theoretically?  – Deadly Bloom: Has fast recharge rate with a very powerful nova on shield loss or entering fight for your life mode. The nova on shield loss follows the usual normal mechanic, and will not trigger again until the shield is recharged, but the nova on entering Fight For Your Life will trigger every time. (Quest Reward, "Helping Out Overlook")
  • The Second is Better.  – Aequitas: +10% duration to Fight For Your Life for every Aequitas or Veritas equipped in the party. (Quest Reward, "Clan Wars: Wakey Wakey")
  • Blarney, I say! 'Tis blarney!  – Pot O' Gold: The shield can drop money when hit. (Rare drop from Bagman in "Clan Wars: End of the Rainbow")
  • Wow, I CAN do this all day!  – The Sham: Abnormally high bullet absorb rate, around 80%. (Drops from BNK-3R)
  • Win by a hare.  – Tortoise: Very high capacity, lowers health and movement speed when active, raises movement speed when depleted. (Drops from Blue )
  • For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself.  – Neogenator: Has health regen and very high +max life. The lower your shields are, the higher the health regen. Stops regeneration when shields are empty. (Drops from Spycho)
  • If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  – 1340 Shield: Typical bullet absorb rate, high capacity, decent recharge rate and delay. Has Hyperion Loader voice. (Quest reward, "Out of Body Experience")
  • Situation normal...  – Whisky Tango Foxtrot: Has a chance of dropping explosive IEDs and shield boosters on hit, explosives damages both allies (including the player) and enemies. (Drops from Chubby enemies)
  • Float like a butterfly...  – The Bee: Extremely high Amp damage bonus. No Amp Shot Drain. (Drops from Hunter Hellquist)
  • Vlad would be proud.  – Impaler: Launches Corrosive homing spikes when damaged with bullets. Deals Corrosive Spike Damage to melee attackers. (Drops from the Warrior)
  • the grave.  – Cradle: When shield depletes, it is thrown away as an explosive and then "reloaded" like a Tediore gun. (Drops from Henry)
  • You are the center of the universe.  – Black Hole: Pulls nearby enemies towards you then releases a shock nova when shields are depleted; similar to the effect of singularity grenades. (Drops from Foreman during the Quest "Hell Hath No Fury")
  • ...His hide turned the mightiest tame...  – Hide of Terramorphous: High Fire Nova, Fire Spike and Roid damage. (Drops from Terramorphous)
  • There's more than your eye can see.  – The Transformer: Large chance to absorb enemy bullets and immunity to electricity. Shock Damage received recharges shield HP. (Drops from Pimon)
  • What a fabulous window treatment.  – Manly Man Shield: Adds bonus Explosive Damage to all Melee Attacks. This ability stays in effect, even while shields are totally depleted. (Quest reward, "Message in a Bottle")
    Curse of the Elements!  – Manly Man Shield: Wearer recieves increased elemental damage.

Grenade Mods

  • 2x more awesome, bonus extreme!  – Bonus Package: Spawns a second set of child grenades after the first set explodes. Can be Homing, Sticky or both. (Drop from Boom and Bewm.)
  • It takes two to get one in trouble.  – Kiss of Death: Homing elemental grenade that latches onto target's face until they die or grenade detonates. Upon exploding sends out healing beams as if from a transfusion grenade (Quest Reward, "Hell Hath no Fury")
  • Make it rain!  – Fuster Cluck: Once the grenade is thrown, mini grenades rapidly spawn from it in mid-air. (Quest Reward, "The Pretty Good Train Robbery")
  • Supplies!  – Nasty Surprise: Teleports and splits into four child grenades near the feet of multiple enemies in front of the player. (Drops from Vermivorous)
  • The thunder shall bring forth the pain!  – Rolling Thunder: When thrown stays low to ground and has an explosive bounce. Can not hit high rose enemies and wont jump over small gaps between land. (Drops from Wilhelm)
  • Sometimes Lightning Does Strike Twice.  – Storm Front: Initial explosion spawns a 'fork' which shoots out a few child grenades. The fork creates an aura that shows the range of its electricity can reach (much like teslas). The fork attacks any enemies that wander near it for shock damage. The child grenades also attack enemies near them with a smaller range and slightly less damage. The fork and child grenades explode for additional damage when finished. (Drops from Mutants in "Splinter Group" )
  • Spread the sickness.  – Pandemic: Corrosive Spawns three homing grenades after initial explosion. (Drops from Mortar)
  • A skilful leech is better far, than half a hundred men of war.  – Leech: After the first set explodes it spawns a second set of child grenades which has a high burn Dam per sec. In addition it also leeches health directly for as much damage as it dealt. (Drops from the Warrior)
  • E=mc^(OMG)/wtf  – Quasar: Pulls in enemies around it, causing period damage until it explodes for massive damage. (Drops from Ultimate Badass Varkids)
  • Bees are coming!  – Fire Bee: Seems to act like a sprayer type grenade in that when it detonates, it starts spinning and releasing fire, as well as smaller mirv style explosives during.
  • WARNING: Not intended for indoor use.  – Sky Rocket: Deals an insane amount of fire damage based on your level in a MIRV style firework explosion. Grenade travels upward in an arc, and will bounce back down when it hits a ceiling. Best used indoors (Despite the "Warning"). This mod is automatically installed on any characters created after a player enters the SHIFT code which comes with specific retail special editions of the game.
  • Your sister is such a bitch.  – Bouncing Bonny: Bounces similar to a bettie grenade but with horizontal movement and throws out secondary grenades alongside normal bouncing bettie effect. (Drops from loot midgets)
  • Forget the curveball Ricky, give him the heater.  – Fastball: Thrown straight out - bounces once if hits terrain, explodes if hits an enemy. Very small radius. (Drops from Boll)
  • ...His breath was of fire...  – Breath of Terramorphous: Causes multiple "Fire Fountains" to emerge from the ground in the area around the explosion in a seemingly random pattern. Lasts for a few seconds. (Drops from Terramorphous)
  • Hangin' around with you is no picnic.  – Captain Blade's Midnight Star: Abnormally high damage for a MIRV grenade (Quest Reward: Message in a Bottle, Magnys Lighthouse)
    Curse of the Cackling Designer!  – Captain Blade's Midnight Star: Child grenades spawned will instead fly at the thrower instead of a regular radius.

Class Mods

  • "[Giggles] I'm really good at this."  – Legendary Siren: Increases movement speed by 40% when using Phaselock. (Drops from Vermivorous)
  • "It's like Christmas."  – Legendary Soldier: Gives bonuses to Cooldown, Gun Damage, and Fire Rate. Increases skill level in all tier 1 skills by 5 (a total of 30 points). This class mod has no "unique" effect, but gives a fantastic all-around boost. (Drops from Vermivorous)
  • "Show me some blood."  – Legendary Berzerker: Increases movement speed while gunzerking by 20%. (Drops from Vermivorous)
  • "I never die."  – Legendary Hunter: Heals owner by 10% of their maximum health when entering Decepti0n. (Drops from Vermivorous)


  • Who the hell shot me?  – Deputy's Badge: Increases Fight for Your Life Time by 10% for every player equipped with a Deputy's Badge. (Quest reward, "Showdown")
  • Take turns and play nice.  – Sheriff's Badge: Increases Total Life and Fight for Your Life Time by 15% for every player equipped with a Deputy's Badge. Dropped by The Sheriff of Lynchwood
  • ...His blood could inspire...  – Blood of Terramorphous: Health Regeneration +0.5%
  • Every man for himself.  – Captain Blade's Otto Idol: Returns a portion of your health after each kill. (Found in the Lost Treasure of the Sands.)
    Curse of the Sudden-er Death!  – Captain Blade's Otto Idol: Reduce Fight for Your Life Time
  • Their power courses through you...  – Blood of the Seraphs: Max Health + --.- Health Regeneration + --.- (This relic is available from the new Merchant in Oasis. Max Health and Regeneration bonuses change each time it is equipped.)
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