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Assault Rifles[]

Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
Boss Nova Unique Scav BWAAAA BWAAAAA BWUUUMMMM! Consumes 2 ammo per shot. High projectile speed. Decreased fire rate and slightly increased magazine size. Greatly increased damage and elemental effect chance; extremely quick reload speed for a Scav assault rifle. Upon hitting a surface, projectiles explode in a small nova. Obtained from the SHiFT station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands
Cry Baby Unique Scav I-i-i-saac. Decreased fire rate. May spawn with various unique parts, which give it different special effects and unique prefixes. It is a possible reward for completing Digistructed Madness: Round 3 and Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round in The Holodome Onslaught
Fusillade Legendary Scav Dakka dakka dakka! Increased reload speed, fire rate, and accuracy. Increased chance to drop from Badass Defender.SubRoutine and Despair and Self-Loathing located in the Subconscious
Hail Unique Vladof What plaything can you offer me today? Fires at a 45-degree overhead arc like a mortar. Heals 3% of damage taken. Bonus critical hit damage, bonus splash damage. Always elemental. Iwajira
Hammer Buster II Legendary Jakobs My dad... scientist... you know the drill. Increased bullet damage. World Drop
Ice Scream Unique Vladof Winter is numbing. Extremely high Freeze chance. Slightly increased spin-up speed. No movement loss when aiming down the sights. Chimes when fired, mimicking an ice cream truck. Always Cryo. Obtained from Nurse Nina at the end of Bunch of Ice Holes
KerBoom Legendary Torgue Torgue got smarter BOOM! Consumes 4 ammo per shot. Each shot fires one projectile which has a straight trajectory and explodes on impact. The explosion releases a grenade which also slightly home in on target and explodes one second later. Greatly lowered fire rate. This weapon cannot score critical hits. Increased chance to drop from Boomer
Major Tom Legendary Dahl Destroy the martian spiders! Fires a five shot burst, firing three bullets at a time for the price of two. World Drop
Ol'Painful Unique Vladof Come on in... Ol' Painful is waiting. Fires laser blasts instead of bullets. Always Incendiary. World Drop
Shredifier Legendary Vladof Speed Kills! Greatly decreased spool time, extremely high firing speed and very large capacity. Slightly reduced damage. World Drop
Wallop Unique Jakobs Packs one hell of a... High critical hit damage, moderately increased accuracy. Mission reward for Guardian Hunter if turned in to the Master Poacher


Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
/He4rtf;ull Spl0Dge..r Glitch Dahl \#Splodger'''s ^ere   -! Always maximal chance of Multishot and Loop glitches, but zero Amp and Overload. Voiced by Pickle. Always Corrosive Limited chance to spawn in glitch chest in Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K
Absolute Zero Legendary Maliwan In this universe, there is only one absolute. Always Cryo. Greatly reduced magazine size, increased damage and slightly higher elemental effect chance. It can be obtained as a rare drop by EOS
Bright Spadroon Unique Maliwan The elegant way to be clumsy and random. Always shock. Very high damage but extremely low range (almost melee range). Laser shoots left side of the crosshair. High continuous damage bonus. Extremely large magazine size. Increased fire rate. Mission reward for completing These are the Bots
Cat o' Nine Tails Legendary Dahl The cat's out of the bag. Always incendiary. Decreased fire rate. Blasts fired split into 3-8 beams that ricochet against surfaces up to twice. World Drop
E-GUN Unique Maliwan Kills ghosts, apparently. Special element, all parts fixed, incredibly high continuous damage bonus. No movement speed penalty when aiming down sights. Mission item required for Sub-Level 13: Part 2. A permanent version is obtained by using the inverter to repair the fast travel at the end of the mission.
Excalibastard Legendary Hyperion Thou art most badass. All parts fixed. Increased critical hit damage. Perfect (100.0) accuracy. Critical hits have 100% chance to freeze targets with ranged and melee while wielding the weapon. Meleeing frozen enemies with this weapon generates a singularity that pulls enemies in close and then explodes into a cryo elemental nova which freezes other nearby enemies. Stuck in a stone at Stanton's Liver. Requires 2500 Badass Rank to pick up
Firestarta Unique Dahl Start some trouble. Always incendiary. Increased elemental effect chance and damage. Fixed parts. Torgue-o! Torgue-o! if the light reactor is delivered to Janey Springs
Laser Disker Legendary Tediore Shazbot! Always explosive element. Fires a blue disk in a straight trajectory that explodes on contact with walls or enemies. Very high damage, low rate of fire. Damage is more than doubled when the target is in mid air or frozen solid. 5H4D0W-TP located in The Cortex
Lazlo's Freezeasy Unique Maliwan Freeze them to save them! Always Cryo. High elemental effect chance at the cost of a significantly lower gun damage. Mission item required for In Perfect Hibernation but can also drop from Lazlo in Veins of Helios
Longest Yard Legendary Hyperion Impressive. Near-perfect accuracy. Increased base and critical hit damage. Moderate increase in magazine size, increased maximum zoom and reload speed, consumes 5 ammo per shot. Teh Earworm
Min Min Lighter Legendary Tediore Approached but never identified. Always shock. Shoots low velocity ball lightning that bounces off objects and deals damage to all enemies within its active radius. Shooting the lightning ball with any other weapon results in a shock explosion. World Drop
MINAC's Atonement Unique Maliwan I'm not always that dangerously homicidal… Consumes 2 ammo per shot, higher damage output in exchange for slower rate of fire. Each shot fired is randomly selected to be corrosive, incendiary or shock. Mission reward for Rose Tinting
Mining Laser Unique Hyperion PROTOTYPE - Authorized personnel only. Increased damage. Possesses railgun barrel but fires three projectiles in a tight spread at the cost of seven ammo per shot. Fixed triangular spread pattern. One of two possible mission rewards from Infinite Loop
Ol' Rosie Unique Maliwan Every thorn has its rose. High damage. Very high continuous damage bonus. It is a reward for completing The Beginning of the End in True Vault Hunter Mode only
Tannis' Laser of Enlightenment Unique Maliwan Burn away the impurities of ignorance. Always incendiary. Fires a cone of flames in front of the barrel, at a reduced range compared to other continuous-fire laser weapons. Increased damage and high ignite chance. Mission reward for The Temple of Boom if turned in to Patricia Tannis's head
Thunderfire Legendary Maliwan Light 'em up. Always shock. Shoots a beam that emits a small incendiary nova upon hitting an enemy or object, reduced fire rate, consumes two ammo per shot. It is a possible Legendary drop for both Self-Loathing and Despair, located in Subconscious from the Claptastic Voyage DLC.
Vandergraffen Unique Tediore I'm A Fan Of The Flow. Always shock and spawns with a Maliwan barrel. Slightly decreased accuracy, slightly increased elemental effect chance. Guaranteed drop from Deadlift
Vibra-Pulse Unique Maliwan Why not turn me on? Always shock. Fires a continuous beam which inflicts heavier shock damage upon a single target, and a lesser amount of shock damage to surrounding enemies, damaging them every few seconds. When equipped, a percentage of damage inflicted by this weapon is returned to its user as health. It is acquired by starting the mission Home Sweet Home and opening the weapon crate located in Moxxi's Up & Over Bar in Concordia
Zappinator Unique Dahl Puts the Zap in your cap. Fixed parts, with element capacitor based on the current "Zapped" quest; spawns as incendiary, then cryo, then corrosive. Fires three lasers in a spread at the of cost 3 ammo per shot. Burst-fires three consecutive shots when zoomed-in. Laser beams penetrate targets. No movement speed penalty while aiming down the sights. Only obtainable as a temporary mission item in Zapped 1.0, Zapped 2.0, and Zapped 3.0.
The ZX-1 Legendary Dahl Replay! Always incendiary. Greatly increased fire rate, perfect accuracy. The beam penetrates targets. After damaging targets once, shots fired will home in on them. Shots travel in a corkscrew pattern before hitting their targets. Has a chance to drop from Colonel Zarpedon during Eye to Eye, and from The Empyrean Sentinel


Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
88 Fragnum Legendary Torgue It'll blow your head clean off. Fires 5 shots in an accelerating spread at the cost of 3 ammo per shot. 25% bonus critical hit damage. World Drop
Blowfly Legendary Dahl These flies!!!! Always corrosive. Projectiles fired split into two after a short distance, then begin orbiting around each other. Inflicts splash damage on impact. When zoomed, fires a burst of seven bullets. Eghood
Cyber Eagle Unique Jakobs Feel like I'm gonna break this damn thing! Always shock. Reduced damage. Fires bolts of lightning with perfect (100.0) accuracy. Reloads in a break-action manner similar to common-quality Jakobs pistols. Can be obtained during the mission The Secret Chamber
Globber Unique Hyperion Lob those globs! Always corrosive. Fires a single projectile in a small arc that bounces off of surfaces twice, but not enemies. Can be obtained by securing CL4P-L3K at the end of the Eradicate!
Gwen's Other Head Unique Dahl Gwen is kind of a strange girl. Fires a 6-round burst when zoomed. Fires 2 projectiles at once at a cost of 2 ammo. Can be obtained from a box found in one of several fixed locations in Titan Industrial Facility
Hard Reboot Unique Maliwan Have you tried turning it off then back on again? Always shock. High damage and radius shock elemental effect upon impact. Mission reward for Chip's Data Mining Adventure if turned in to Shame
Logan's Gun Legendary Hyperion Gun, Gunner! Always incendiary. Rounds explode once on contact, then continue traveling if they have not struck an inert surface (wall, ground, etc.). Once they strike an inert surface there is a small delay, followed by a small second explosion. Rounds qualify as rockets for the purposes of shield absorption. World Drop
Luck Cannon Legendary Jakobs Better lucky than good! Vastly increased base damage. Has a chance to deal great bonus explosive damage. Magazine size is restricted to a single bullet. Increased chance to drop from Adbugs
Maggie Legendary Jakobs Monty's wife don't take no guff. Shoots a 6 projectile spread at the price of 1 bullet. World Drop
Party Popper Unique Scav Happy birthday to meow. Fires 7 projectiles at the cost of 1 ammo. Bullets vanish after traveling a very short distance. Creates an explosion of confetti and balloons with a unique sound effect each time it is fired. Heavily reduced accuracy. Mission reward for H4X0rz
Probe Unique Maliwan Go deep enough, who knows what you'll find. Very low damage. Heals the user for a percentage of damage dealt. Only obtainable as a temporary mission item in Torgue-o! Torgue-o!
Proletarian Revolution Legendary Vladof Strength in numbers, comrades! The pistol's magazine size increases over time; as it increases, the faster the fire rate and the higher the damage gets. It can be obtained as a rare drop by EOS
Shooterang Legendary Tediore You little ripper. When reloaded, flies around and shoots. World Drop
Smasher Unique Jakobs Seven times the fun. Fires seven projectiles at the cost of 3 ammo per shot. Awarded as a loyalty reward to players who have save data from Borderlands 2
T4s-R Unique Hyperion I politely request you do not T4s-R me, good sir. Fires lasers. High fire rate. Extremely high accuracy. Very high elemental effect chance. It is a possible reward for completing Digistructed Madness: Round 1 and Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round in The Holodome Onslaught
Zim Legendary Scav Would you like to know more? Always cryo. Increased magazine size, damage, and accuracy. Decreased rate of fire. Giant Shuggurath of Ice

Rocket Launchers[]

Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
Badaboom Legendary Scav Multi-kill. Fires a cluster of six rockets at the cost of one rocket ammo, each rocket with slightly reduced damage. Greatly reduced accuracy. World Drop
Berrigan Legendary Vladof Your gun is good, but mine is better! Fires a 3 shot burst, firing 2 rockets at a time. Only uses 1 ammo per trigger pull. It is a possible reward for completing Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round in The Holodome Onslaught
Cryophobia Legendary Maliwan No argument here. Always cryo. Projectiles explode multiple times mid-flight before hitting their target. The Bosun
Kaneda's Laser Legendary Tediore If somebody's gonna kill him, it should be us! Uses explosive lasers instead of regular rockets. Very high accuracy for a launcher. Can inflict critical hits. 5H4D0W-TP
Mongol Legendary Vladof The Horde will always return! Fires a single large rocket that sporadically releases multiple smaller rockets at random angles along its flight path. World Drop
Nukem Legendary Torgue Name Dropper. Rockets fire in an arc and explode in a mushroom cloud upon detonation. Extremely slow reload speed. Flame Knuckle
Thingy Legendary Scav Somebody ain't what they appear to be. Always corrosive. Upon impact, rockets fired will split into three small grenades that explode after a set period of time. Iwajira
Volt Thrower Unique Tediore Helios, we have a problem. Fires high speed shock orbs with low splash damage radius. Mission reward for No Such Thing as a Free Launch


Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
Boganella Unique Scav Rack off ya dag! Slightly increased damage. Swears in a demanding, unsophisticated woman's voice when shooting, reloading, or swapping weapons. Mission reward for completing Another Pickle in Outlands Canyon
Boomacorn Unique Jakobs Always, I want to be with you. Shoots a spread of 5 explosive projectiles, each of which spawn with a random element and a color to match the element. Shots are accompanied by a neighing sound effect. World Drop
Bullpup Unique Hyperion One bad pup! Greatly increased magazine size, increased critical hit damage and slightly increased accuracy. Slightly reduced firing speed and reload speed. Awarded as a loyalty reward to players who have save data from Borderlands
Company Man Unique Hyperion Rhys will remember this. Unique vertical spread pattern of pellets, greatly increased magazine size. Unusually high damage and fire rate for Hyperion shotgun. Obtained from the SHiFT station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands
Flakker Legendary Torgue Flak The World. Increased damage, consumes 4 ammo per shot, extremely large spread, rounds detonate after reaching a certain distance. Even-More-Disgusting Tork
Flayer Legendary Jakobs OMG, what's it doing to Sanchez?! Heavily increased magazine size. Increased weapon damage, slightly increased accuracy. Chance to drop from viruses
Jack-o'-Cannon Unique Torgue Your body lies beaten, battered and broken. Launches flaming jack-o'-lanterns that explode upon impact. The projectiles bounce on uneven terrain. Reduced ammo consumption. World Drop
Moonface Unique Jakobs What a BOOMING smile you have. Projectiles fire in a smiley face pattern, with low velocity and a lazy sine oscillation trajectory through the air. Pellets deal non-elemental damage, with 50% explosive splash on impact. Mission reward for completing Red, Then Dead in Lunar Launching Station
Moonscaper Unique Torgue Get off my moon lawn! Fires 5 grenades in the shape of a square, and if shot at the ground, they will slowly rise and then explode, but explode immediately when they touch an enemy. Increased reload speed and accuracy. Obtained from the SHiFT station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands
Octo Unique Tediore Octo means 9. Fires 8 pellets in 3x3 pattern with center left pellet missing. Pellets are slow moving and fly in a sine-wave pattern while leaving yellow orange trails. Mission reward for Lab 19
Party Line Unique Tediore Excellent. Always incendiary. Fired projectiles explode like fireworks. When reloaded, the gun flies straight up into the air then explodes like fireworks. It is a possible reward for completing Digistructed Madness: Round 4 and Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round in The Holodome Onslaught
Sledge's Shotty Legendary Scav The Legend Lives Burst-fires two shots per trigger pull, with a long delay between each semi-auto burst. World Drop
Striker Legendary Jakobs Fandir? Thirteen. Additional critical damage, added with exceptional accuracy and minuscule spread. RedBelly
Too Scoops Unique Jakobs 'Coz one's never enough! Always cryo. Fixed parts. Fires two cryo-element, grenade-like spheres that travel for a few seconds, inflict damage to any targets in their path, then explode. Mission reward for Bunch of Ice Holes if turned in to B4R-BOT
Torguemada Unique Torgue THE HAMMER OF HERETICS! SUBTLE HISTORICAL REFEREEEEEEENCE! Fires three explosive projectiles that produce a number of smaller, delayed explosions on impact. Torgue-o! Torgue-o! if the light reactor is destroyed for Mr. Torgue
Viral Marketer Legendary Hyperion Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Lol check this out guys. Always corrosive. Projectiles fired ricochet off surfaces. Increased accuracy and recoil reduction rate, decreased projectile count and reload speed. World Drop
Wombat Unique Torgue The bush bulldozer. Fires five small grenade-like projectiles at a cost of two shotgun shells. The projectile spread forms a rough pentagon, centered around the weapon's aim point. Each grenade travels in a straight line and sticks to surfaces, exploding after six seconds or upon contact with an enemy. Mission reward for Zapped 3.0

Sniper Rifles[]

Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
Fremington's Edge Unique Hyperion I can see my house from here. High zoom magnification (11.4x). Increased damage. Increased accuracy. Increased critical hit damage when zoomed. Mission reward for completing Don't Shoot the Messenger
Invader Legendary Hyperion The Executioner has arrived. Fires a burst of 5 rounds when scoped. Low damage. Moderately increased magazine size. World Drop
Longnail Legendary Vladof Nailed it! All parts, except for elemental capacitor, are fixed. Shots bypass shields, inflicting damage directly to health. Reduced damage, increased fire rate and capacity. The Invincible Empyrean Sentinel
Magma Legendary Maliwan Liquid hot. Always incendiary. Increased splash damage and elemental chance. World Drop
Omni-Cannon Legendary Hyperion State of the art. Bang bang. Deals unlisted explosive damage. Very low initial scope sway for a Hyperion rifle. Reduced damage. The Sponx
Pitchfork Legendary Dahl Mainstream'd! Fires 5 horizontal shots in a line, shaped in a "V" pattern. Consumes 2 ammo per shot. World Drop
Plunkett Unique Jakobs Make sure they know the first one wasn't an accident. Critical hits remove ammo from the wielder's ammo pool instead of the clip. It is a possible reward for completing Digistructed Madness: Round 5 and Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round in The Holodome Onslaught
Razorback Unique Jakobs Watch out for the tusks! Always spawns with a blade accessory and iron sights. Extremely low fire rate and reload speed. High damage. Mission reward for completing Home Delivery
Skullmasher Legendary Jakobs A real head turner...turned to mush...ahahaha! Shoots a group of six projectiles with decreased damage at the cost of one ammo. Decreased gun accuracy. Nel
The Machine Unique Vladof We pay you back... with interest! Massive magazine size, increases damage and fire rate the longer the trigger is held. World Drop
Wet Week Unique Dahl Slow as... Increased damage at the cost of projectile speed. Swagman


Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
%Cu+ie^_^ki||er Glitch Scav KILLKILLKILLKILLKILL Always incendiary. Always maximal chance of Amp and Overload glitches, but zero Multishot and Loop. Unique voice module that yells "kill" repeatedly. Obtained from a loot chest at the end the mission The Sum of Some Fears
Black Snake Unique Hyperion Such is bite. Fires two bullets for the cost of one ammunition, in a vertical pattern. Reduced fire rate, magazine size and damage-per-bullet. Increased accuracy. RedBelly (Only drops fron Red)
Boxxy Gunn Unique Tediore It's totally a flamethrower. Always shock. Projectiles fired ricochet twice. Decreased projectile speed. When reloaded, it may explode in the user's hands, causing shock damage. The chance to explode in the user's hands and the self-harm caused increases the more bullets remain in the magazine. It is a possible reward for completing Digistructed Madness: Round 2 and Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round in The Holodome Onslaught
Cheat Code Legendary Hyperion Play unfair. While in Fight for Your Life, ammo consumption is drastically reduced. Mission reward for completing System Shutdown
Fast Talker Unique Scav Elephant? What elephant? Slightly reduced damage. Greatly increased reload speed and fire rate. Obtained from the SHiFT station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands
Fatale Legendary Hyperion Stone-cold Killer Always cryo. Increased accuracy, magazine size and critical hit damage, greatly increased recoil reduction rate. Drongo Bones
Fridgia Unique Dahl Icy moon of Mungo. Always cryo. Very high elemental effect chance. Always spawns with a double projectile mod. Dramatically reduced recoil, extremely high burst-fire count. Projectiles fire in a large spread in the shape of a horse, making it inaccurate at long ranges. Mission reward for completing In Perfect Hibernation
Frostfire Unique Maliwan It had to perish twice. Fires two projectiles at the cost of two ammunition. One projectile inflicts cryo damage, and the other inflicts incendiary damage. May randomly freeze the user when fired. The Bestest Story Ever Told in Normal mode
Hellfire Legendary Maliwan We don't need no fire... Always incendiary. Increased chance to ignite, increased damage over time, increased magazine size, and 50% splash damage. World Drop
IVF Legendary Tediore OMG! TWINS! Upon reloading, it is thrown like a typical Tediore weapon and explodes. The resulting explosion results in two smaller guns which also explode. The smaller guns deal reduced damage. The Bosun
Marek's Mouth Unique Scav Ask and ask and ask and ask and ye shall receive. Fixed parts. Increased magazine size. Unique luneshine effect. Rabid Adams
Meat Grinder Unique Scav The lead rain falls! Fires three bullets at the cost of two ammo per shot. Increased damage and magazine size and slightly increased elemental chance. Drastically reduced accuracy and reload speed. Meat Head
Torrent Legendary Dahl Spray it to slay it. Increased damage and capacity, greatly increased fire rate, greatly reduced recoil when hip-fired. No movement speed penalty while aiming down the sights. Meg


Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
Asteroid Belt Unique Torgue Straight from the bug homeworld. Chance to launch a homing meteor when damaged. Mission reward for Guardian Hunter if Master Poacher is killed
Avalanche Legendary Maliwan I'll bury you. It is a combination of the Maylay, Nova (cryo), and Spike (cryo) shield types. Extremely high roid damage, increased nova damage and increased spike damage. Greatly increased recharge delay. World Drop
Bigg Thumppr Legendary Scav That's going to leave a mark. Massive roid bonus with extended recharge delay. World Drop
Black Hole Legendary Maliwan You are the center of the universe. Always shock. Pulls nearby enemies towards the wearer when its shield charge is depleted, then explodes in a huge nova. Increased damage and range, always shock element. Colonel Zarpedon and The Invincible Empyrean Sentinel
The Cradle Legendary Tediore the grave. When shield is depleted, the shield is tossed in similar fashion to other Tediore weapons to cause an explosion. The Bosun
Deadly Bloom Legendary Torgue What do you mean...theoretically? Releases explosive nova when shields or health is depleted. World Drop
Fabled Tortoise Legendary Pangolin Win by a hare. Very high shield capacity, but reduced movement speed while active. Movement speed is increased beyond normal upon shield depletion. Greatly reduced health. World Drop
Haymaker Unique Dahl Return to sender. Transfers status effects on the user to enemies when the player melees. Mission reward for completing DAHL Combat Training: Round 5 in the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit DLC
Kala Legendary Vladof Charge the lightning shield! Chance to absorb enemy bullets. Decreased recharge rate. Immunity to electrocution damage-over-time effects, and shock damage recharges the shield. World Drop
M0RQ Legendary Anshin A face in the crowd. I fit right in. Increased max health and health regeneration. High elemental resistance. Lowered shield capacity. Unique voice module. Hidden chest in the Motherlessboard
Naught Unique Tediore 5 + 7 + 1 = Zero. 0.0 Recharge delay. Obtained from the SHiFT station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands
Prismatic Bulwark Legendary Hyperion Full spectrum. Increased capacity and decreased delay. Has a high chance to absorb enemy lasers. Increases the user's laser damage and laser resistance. Colonel Zarpedon and The Invincible Empyrean Sentinel
Rapid Release Unique Maliwan Releases rapidly. Always shock. Decreased capacity, damage, nova radius and recharge delay. Increased recharge rate. Obtainable from a chest located in Serenity's Waste during the mission Nova? No Problem!
Reogenator Legendary Anshin Are you alright, Isaac? Increased max health and health regeneration. High elemental resistance. Reduced shield capacity and recharge delay. Health regeneration scales inversely as damage is taken to the shield. World Drop
Rerouter Legendary Hyperion Energy. Power. I'm addicted to it. High amp shot damage, High amp shot drain. Lowered shield capacity. Increased shield recharge rate. Increased recharge delay. Heals you for the Amp drain amount when an Amp shot is fired. 5H4D0W-TP located in The Cortex
The Sham Legendary Vladof Wow, I CAN do this all day. Extremely high bullet absorption chance. Low shield capacity. World Drop
Shield of Ages Unique Hyperion A shield for the ages. Above average shield capacity. Mission reward for The Temple of Boom if turned in to Gladstone Katoa's head
The Shooting Star Legendary Scav Don't look up. Extremely high roid damage. While depleted, each melee attack that connects with a target is accompanied by a 'shooting star', which inflicts additional explosive damage. Lost Legion Powersuit Noob during the mission Red, Then Dead
Slammer Unique Anshin You look like you could use a drink. High booster drop chance. Drops "Slammer" shield boosters when damaged. Slammer shield boosters restore up to 25% of shields and increase movement speed, fire rate and reload speed for a short amount of time. Obtained from Moxxi's Toy Box during the mission Home Sweet Home
Sunshine Unique Dahl Every time I shut my eyes... When depleted, fires incendiary projectiles in every direction. Fire has a high chance of igniting targets. Mission reward for To the Moon
Supernova Legendary Maliwan More energetic than your average nova. Always incendiary. High nova damage. Extremely large nova radius. Bruce
Whisky Tango Foxtrot Legendary Dahl Situation normal... ...all foxtroted up. (flavor 1) Chance to drop an IED Booster when damaged. (flavor 2) Seen on IED Boosters. Launches 3 volleys of 3 shock grenades each. Is launched at an enemy, rather than in a random direction. World Drop

OZ Kits[]

Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
3DD1.E Legendary Hyperion Beep boop beep. When equipped and in combat, the user will occasionally be healed and receive repairs to his/her shield. Also during combat, 3DD1.E will occasionally shock enemies. Chance to drop from CL4P-L3K if it is destroyed in the side mission Eradicate!
Ack Ack Legendary Vladof I said across her nose, not up it! Each time damage is inflicted upon airborne targets, fire rate and reload speed are increased for a few seconds. This effect can stack. When damage is inflicted upon airborne targets, there is a chance to spawn damaging flak around them. Corporal Bob
Cathartic Oz Kit Unique Scav You smelt it, you dealt it. Always corrosive. High slam damage, decreases damage received from various sources. Slam shatters enemy air masks. Causes a random farting sound and a brief corrosive area of effect upon performing a slam. It is dropped by Poop Deck when he dies during the mission Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion
Freedom Oz Kit Unique Hyperion The moon is your oyster! Reduces O2 cost for boosting. Increases gun damage while airborne. Land Among the Stars
Invigoration Oz Kit Unique Anshin It's like a breath of fresh air! O2 Canisters heal as well as restore O2. Land Among the Stars
Moonlight Saga Legendary Dahl You give me everything just by breathing. Provide different bonus, while in vacuum it give life steal and while in atmosphere its life regeneration. Increased chance to drop from the Tiny Destroyer during the mission Lab 19
Oxidizer Legendary Maliwan Kill it with fire. Provides health regeneration in vacuum while providing a large boost to ignite chance and fire resistance in atmosphere. Upon igniting an enemy, a highly damaging fire nova is released around the victim. Increased chance to drop from Rooster Booster, encountered during the mission Grinders
Support Relay Legendary Hyperion Multi-cored life support. Increases O2 capacity by 25 and improves O2 consumption rate by 20% each for every equipped Support Relay in the party. Mission reward for To Arms!
Systems Purge Unique Tediore Emergency Systems Purge in 3... 2... 1... When your O2 is above 75, your next shot will consume 50 O2 and release a Shockwave, damaging and knocking back enemies. Provides O2 upon killing an enemy. Mission reward for Eradicate!


  • Springs' Oz Kit - Increase gun damage in a vacuum. (Hyperion, Unique)

Grenade Mods[]

Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
Baby Boomer Unique Torgue BOOM baby BOOM! Always rubberized. Deploys grenades with each bounce. Has a chance to drop from Boomer in Outlands Spur
Bonus Package Legendary Torgue 2x more awesome, bonus extreme! Increased damage. When child grenades explode, each releases one additional child grenade. World Drop
Bouncing Bazza Legendary Dahl Give us ya lighta. Behaves like the Bouncing Bonny, dispersing child grenades as it bounces. World Drop
Contraband Sky Rocket Unique Scav WARNING: Not intended for indoor use. Upon detonation grenade pops up into the air and releases a large burst of "fireworks." Greatly increased damage. Damage scales to character level. It was only available during the first few days of the Doppelganger Pack's release, and could only be gotten by destroying specific barrels
Data Scrubber Unique Maliwan Peer-to-peer shield sharing. Very slow travel speed, high damage. Grenades slowly regenerate over time. Spawns homing shield boosters upon damaging enemies. Fuse time is always 0. Mission reward for Chip's Data Mining Adventure if turned in to Chip
Fire Bee Legendary Vladof Bees are coming! Always incendiary. Spits fire in a circular motion. Additionally shoots small missiles of fire in a circular motion. World Drop
Four Seasons Legendary Vladof Four seasons in one nade. Creates an area of effect of a random element (shock, incendiary, corrosive, or cryo) that continually damages enemies while they are within it. Shatters air masks. Increased chance to drop from any Badass Kraggon
Kiss of Death Unique Maliwan It takes two to get one in trouble. Homes and sticks to target's face. Deals elemental damage over time until target dies or grenade detonates. Upon exploding sends out life orbs (based on child grenade count) that heal allies. Increased damage compared to standard transfusion grenades of a similar level. Obtained from Moxxi's Toy Box during the mission Home Sweet Home
Leech Legendary Maliwan A skilful leech is better far, than half a hundred men of war. Decreased damage and blast radius. All damage done by the grenade instantly restores allies' health. World Drop
Meganade Legendary Vladof Suck! Suck! Suck! Creates three singularity pulls, approximately one second apart, before exploding. It is a possible Legendary drop for both Self-Loathing and Despair, located in Subconscious from the Claptastic Voyage DLC.
Nasty Surprise Legendary Hyperion Supplies! Greatly reduced damage and blast radius. Longbow grenade which turns invisible during teleport. It drops one child grenade above each enemy up to a maximum of four. World Drop
Pandemic Legendary Vladof Spread the sickness. Always corrosive. After the grenade's initial explosion, three more homing grenades are spawned. The grenades spawned will home in on enemies and touch them, transferring corrosive damage and then seek out another target. This will continue until the grenades disappear. World Drop
Quasar Legendary Hyperion E=mc^(OMG)/wtf Reduced damage but increased blast radius (larger singularity pull and tesla effect). Felicity Rampant
Rolling Thunder Legendary Torgue The thunder shall bring forth the pain! When thrown has very little arc and stays low to the ground, behaving like a rubberized grenade at first with each bounce having a detonation. After several bounces or contact with any hostiles it explodes like a MIRV grenade. World Drop
Snowball Unique Tediore Fun for the whole family. Always cryo. Zero fuse time. Modified lobbed delivery method with increased projectile speed and little arc, comparable to the Fastball. Mission reward from Infinite Loop
Storm Front Legendary Vladof Sometimes lightning does strike twice. Deploys as a tesla grenade, then launches multiple smaller range, lower damage child tesla grenades in an even distribution around the deployment point. Child grenades can stick to walls and other non-horizontal surfaces. World Drop

Class Mods[]

Name Rarity Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect Location/Mission
Celestial Baroness Legendary Hyperion (none) Damage to melee attackers while Cold as Ice is active. World Drop
Celestial Doppelganger Legendary Hyperion "You know who you remind me of? Me." Causes all weapons (regardless of manufacturer) to gain accuracy when fired, as if they were Hyperion weapons. World Drop
Celestial Enforcer Legendary Hyperion "Now THAT'S an upgrade if I ever saw one." Increases movement speed while Wolf and Saint are active by 10%. World Drop
Celestial Fragtrap Legendary Maliwan "Hey, what's this do? It looks AWESOME!" none World Drop
Celestial Gladiator Legendary Vladof "Sitrep: We're about to kick some ass." Shield starts recharging upon Aspis activation. World Drop
Celestial Lawbringer Legendary Jakobs "Well ain't that somethin' special... Time for some good old-fashioned ass-whoopin!" Converts a percentage of Showdown damage to health. World Drop