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Spatula Khan is a hidden NPC in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.


Spatula Khan was once the greatest chef on Pandora until the Weenie Emperor rose to power, usurping Spatula Khan's throne with brown mustard and deceit. Apparently, the Weenie Emperor's supposed "gourmet" skag-meat hotdogs were made of dead skin and toenail clippings. Spatula Khan now lives out his days in The Flavor Cave, located on The Unrelatively Unvisited Shoreline in the Unassuming Docks. His cave is adorned with his memories of the past, his spatula hung on the wall, and pictures of him in his youth, dressed in armor and wielding a mighty spatula.


Interacting with Spatula Khan completes the challenge "The Taste of War."



  • "Welcome! I am the great Spatula Khan. Destroyer of men, and pleaser of tastebuds!"
  • "I was greatest chef on Pandora... until the Weenie Emperor rose to power."
  • "Do you follow the way of the great spatula? Has your palate experienced genocidal warfare?"
  • "If you are afraid to eat something, do not eat it. If you are eating something, don't be afraid."
  • "I am the punishment of the food gods. If your taste buds had not committed great sins, the gods would not have sent a chef like me upon you!"
  • "You may have heard of me. I am he who brought the armies of Tantalus to their knees with but a single souffle! I have defeated demons by pleasing their palates with the power of a thousand filet mignons! I invented the MEGA-Sandwich! I am SPATULA KHAN!"
  • "The Weenie Emperor usurped my throne with his army of brown mustard and deceit. His confectionary cuckoldry was a lie delivered upon the ignorant denizens of Pandora. For while they believed that his gourmet hot dogs were made of skag meat and ambrosia, they were, in truth, composed entirely of dead skin and toenail clippings! THE FIEND!"


  • Spatula Kahn Graffiti

    Graffiti seen in The Dust

    Spatula Khan can be seen depicted as line-art graffiti on an interior wall of Ellie's Garage in The Dust. This same line art appears in Dragon Keep, on the north-facing side of the top-most level. It may be viewed by jumping over and following the edge of the parapet surrounding the tower. Along with Spatula Khan's sketch, a ledge here bears a few loot containers that when opened prove to be empty.


  • A khan is a title given to rulers from Turkey and Eastern Europe through Central Asia and South Asia.