Spark is a Tier One talent in Lilith's Elemental skill tree. It increases the chance of elemental effects of weapons.

Skill Progression

Effect Chance Boost +4% +8% +12% +16% +20%

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of a Firefly, Specialist, or Tormentor class mods.

Effect Chance Boost +24% +28% +32% +36%


  • This skill doesn't increase the elemental effect chance per se; instead it increases the tech pool of weapons by 2% per rank and tech pool regeneration by 5.5% per rank, which will indirectly result in more elemental effects. See Tech Pool for details.
  • Certain legendary elemental weapons (such as the Hellfire and the Defiler) already proc far more often than standard elemental weapons. Since Spark gives these weapons little additional benefit, users of those weapons might spend their skill points elsewhere.

Lilith skills
Controller Elemental Assassin

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