Space-Laser Tag is a story mission in Borderlands 3.


"Rhys has asked us to disable the orbital laser so he can get Katagawa and the Maliwan army off his back, and so we can get the Vault Key from the laser."



  • Go to Meridian Metroplex
  • Meet Rhys at Launchpad 7
  • Take Viper Drive
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Go to Skywell-27
  • Go to main gate
  • Defeat security
  • Find terminal
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Find service elevator
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Defeat security
  • Go through ventilation ducts
  • Proceed through maintenance
  • Disable thruster
  • Open chute
  • Enter chute
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Inspect spheres (3)
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Follow Rhys-Ball
  • Clear the way
  • Follow Rhys-Ball
  • Destroy servers
  • Return to Rhys-Ball
  • Take elevator to control room
  • Secure control room
  • Defend Rhys-Ball
  • Fire laser
  • Defeat Katagawa Ball
  • Take Vault Key fragment
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis
  • Talk to Lilith


  • Disabling the thruster while it is currently thrusting will cause it to remain thrusting until the map is exited.

Mission items:

  • Viper Drive
  • Vault Key Fragment

Video Walkthroughs


  • Confirmed targets destroyed by the laser:
    • Unknown "state-of-the-art Atlas brand ship with cloaking"
    • Unidentified bakery.
    • "Lazy River Land"
    • "Fran's Frogurts"
    • "Zanara", class-2F pleasure yacht.
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