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Space-Laser Tag is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by ?????.


"Rhys has asked us to disable the orbital laser so he can get Katagawa and the Maliwan army off his back, and so we can get the Vault Key from the laser."



  • Go to Meridian Metroplex
  • Meet Rhys at Launchpad 7
  • Take Viper Drive
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Go to Skywell-27
  • Go to main gate
  • Defeat security
  • Find terminal
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Find service elevator
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Defeat security
  • Go through ventilation ducts
  • Proceed through maintenance
  • Disable thruster
  • Open chute
  • Enter chute
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Inspect spheres (3)
  • Use Viper Drive
  • Follow Rhys-Ball
  • Clear the way
  • Follow Rhys-Ball
  • Destroy servers
  • Return to Rhys-Ball
  • Take elevator to control room
  • Secure control room
  • Defend Rhys-Ball
  • Fire laser
  • Defeat Katagawa Ball
  • Take Vault Key fragment
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis
  • Talk to Lilith


The majority of the mission involves combat against Maliwan and COV units, as well as some armored targets. Strong incendiary, shock, and corrosive weapons are all mandatory to the mission's completion.

After meeting Rhys at the launch pad, he gives the Vault Hunters the Viper Drive to steal a Maliwan ship for transport to Skywell-27.

This asteroid mining array, as Rhys states later in the mission, has reduced gravity. Vault Hunters will thus be able to jump higher than usual. Security at the main gate consists of Assault Troopers, Heavy Gunners, Riot Troopers, Jet Troopers and Badass Troopers. Once they are taken out, the security terminal can be hacked. The service elevator, however, presents another onslaught. The maintenance area is flooded with light COV infantry, which can be mostly ignored.

Entering the chute will attract the attention of several Death Spheres, all of which are armored targets and must be defeated. After Rhys fails to hack the door directly, another wave will spawn, which must be again dispatched. Eventually, Rhys opens the door with an allied sphere, and into another area where Maliwan units are present, including 1-2 Badass enemies. Rhys will then ask the Vault Hunters to disable the barrier to the control room, which is done by shooting some radiation barrels and then shutting down the computer. A final wave of Maliwan security is present in the control room. After hacking the laser and destroying Zanara, Katagawa Ball appears as the boss of the mission.

The sphere has the following attacks:

  • Launching a volley of powerful radioactive projectiles with a small splash radius.
  • Launching numerous homing missiles.
  • Creating multiple elemental beams and slashing them around the arena randomly.
  • Spawning radioactive spikes and launching them in random directions.

Katagawa Ball is unique in that its HP consists of 3 bars - one as armor, and two as shields. It moves rapidly, encouraging Vault Hunters to fight it on the move while dodging its non-homing attacks. The center is the critical hit point, though the circumstances of the fight render it effectively inaccessible. The armor part will take time to tear down, so weapons capable of sustained damage outputs are good picks while the shield part can be easily broken with a shock weapon.

There are little to no enemies for second winds in the arena, so attempting the fight with solo play is much harder than in co-op.

After the sphere is destroyed, it drops loot, and the Vault Key Fragment can be obtained. The mission is completed when the Vault Key Fragment is given to Patricia Tannis and Lilith is talked to.


Turn in:


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  • Disabling the thruster while it is currently thrusting will cause it to remain thrusting until the map is exited.
  • Mission items:

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  • The following targets are destroyed by the laser:
    • Unknown "state-of-the-art Atlas brand ship with cloaking"
    • Unidentified bakery.
    • "Lazy River Land"
    • "Fran's Frogurts"
    • "Zanara", class-2F pleasure yacht.
  • The track that Rhys-ball plays while securing the control room is Supernova Dreamsicle by Raison Varner & Julian Peterson, and is available in the Borderlands 3 Original Game Soundtrack.
  • When the Zanara is first seen flying by, the music from Moxxi's bar in Borderlands 2 can be heard.