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Spa Vs. Spa is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Hyperion Tourist Information Board.


"Sal, the owner and proprietor of the illustrious Hostel Sal, is sick and tired of losing customers to those dirtbags over at the Pipp Inn Spa. Stealing the Pipp Inn's power source oughta put a damper on their sauna… figuratively speaking."



Spa Vs Spa

Video walkthrough


Cut power to the Pipp Inn spa.
  • Spa Power Source


This mission is a relatively simple run through town to throw a switch. The spa is across the train tracks, and about a 30 second run from the Bounty Board. A few easy jumps will get a character up to the roof section where the generator is. There are a few minor loot boxes and lockers in and around the path up, most containing money or ammo, or the odd weapon.


"The Pipp Inn is out of commission. Unfortunately the door on the sauna was on a power lock. Hope they brought plenty of water."


  • Text of Spa Power Source item: "A small cold fusion power source."


  • The mission name is likely a reference to the Spy Vs. Spy comics from MAD Magazine.