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Soulrender is a legendary assault rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Dahl. It can only be obtained in Guns, Love, and Tentacles from Tom and Xam located in Heart's Desire.

Special Weapon Effects

Picture a soul. Now REND that thing! – When fired while aimed in the direction of enemies, occasionally spawns a homing purple skull that explodes on contact with an enemy and deals massive splash damage. Significantly increased damage.

Usage & Description

Along with the weapon's high damage, the homing skulls give the Soulrender a massive damage output against single targets, as each skull deals 20x the base damage of the weapon. The skulls usually target the enemy being shot, but may sometimes target separate opponents, giving it some crowd control abilities. A version of the gun with full-auto mode is the best for getting the most skulls to spawn.


  • The Soulrender cannot spawn with the "On action skill end - Splash Damage is increased by 200%", despite the skulls dealing splash damage.
  • Hotfix 12/17/2020: Skulls deal 20x base damage, instead of 2x base damage.


  • The skulls fired from the Soulrender are reskinned version of the ghost enemy, but colored purple, smaller, and homes in much faster.