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The Son of Mothrakk is an optional mini-boss found in the Observation Wing of the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. He serves as a farmable stand-in for Bloodwing after Bloodwing's defeat.



Son of Mothrakk generally stays a fair distance away from his target, and eventually swoops down for attacks. He does dive in close for a swoop attack, but can also bomb the ground with jets of flame.


  • Son of Mothrakk has a marginally increased chance to drop the Skullmasher.
  • Rarely drops skins: Azure Wave (Siren), Tsunami of Bullets (Zer0), Don't Feel Blue (Gaige), BLUE BULLSEYE ON MY CHEST (Psycho), Blue Bomber (Commando), Ride the Wave (Salvador).
  • Son of Mothrakk can be difficult to farm because his loot often falls through the floor after landing, making it impossible to obtain. It also may take an excessively long time to run through the Wildlife Preserve to reach him, compared to other commonly farmed bosses.
    • Long runs can be curbed by either owning the Natural Selection Annex or by obtaining the mission sequence from a player who owns it (without completing the sequence).
  • If Phaselock is used above a certain area behind the wall, Son of Mothrakk will fall down the side of the wall and a large rock, making him untargetable and stuck. His AI is perfectly capable of flying up but gets confused on which enemy to fight, as there are stalkers he would attack if he got too close to them.
  • If Phaselock is used on Son of Mothrakk when he is above the arena, there is a chance that he will drop directly to the ground after the Phaselock ends. When killed, there is a large chance of the loot flying over the wall making it impossible to reach.
  • The Son of Mothrakk dropped the Bone Shredder on Day 25 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt.


  • Mothrakk was a boss in Borderlands.
  • Son of Mothrakk is a reference to the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, which features the son of Mothra as the main kaiju.