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Snow Skags are a subspecies of skag in Borderlands 2 that spawn exclusively in Three Horns - Divide during the mission In Memoriam alongside their owner Boll. Three variants inhabit the area: Snow Skag, Spitter Snow Skag and Alpha Snow Skag.



The three variants behave the same as their normal counterparts:


  • They do not respawn following the death Boll and the completion of the mission
  • Regardless of the game mode, their name remains unchanged.
  • Although no Badass Skags spawn in their den, Snow Skags and Spitter Snow Skags can be imbued with the elements of a Badass Skag so long as they are hit with an elemental projectile or the elemental breath of a Badass Skag.
  • This can be achieved by using singularity grenades to drag them to the skag den in front of the Fast Travel station and then trick the Badass Skags into hitting them, powering them up.
  • Once imbued, they receive the same effects of a normal skag that was imbued with an element i.e. extra speed when imbued with shock or longer spikes when imbued with corrosive; however, their name does not change.