Sniping is Zer0's first skill tree, of three. The Sniping tree focuses on guns, particularly sniper rifles, as well as critical hits. His other skill trees are Cunning and Bloodshed.


Tier 1
  • Headsh0t - Increases Critical Hit Damage.
  • 0ptics - Increases your Zoom with all gun types. Additionally, your aim is not disrupted as much when taking damage.
Tier 2
  • Killer - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases Critical Hit Damage and Reload Speed for a few seconds.
  • Precisi0n - Improves your Accuracy with all gun types.
Tier 3
  • 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill - The first shot fired from a fully-loaded magazine deals increased damage.
  • B0re - Your shots pierce through enemies. If your shot hits an enemy after piercing an enemy, it deals massively increased damage. B0re does not work with rockets and some special projectiles. Additionally, while Decepti0n is active, your visor will highlight enemy crit locations.
  • Vel0city - Increases Bullet Speed, Gun Damage, and Critical Hit Damage with all guns.
Tier 4
  • Kill C0nfirmed - Aiming down the sights with your gun grants you increased Critical Hit Damage. The longer you aim down the sights, the greater the bonus.
Tier 5
  • At 0ne with the Gun - Greatly improves your Accuracy with Sniper Rifles when shooting from the hip. Additionally, increases Reload Speed and Magazine Size with Sniper Rifles.
Tier 6
  • Critical Ascensi0n - Scoring a Critical Hit with a Sniper Rifle increases your Gun Damage and Critical Hit Damage with Sniper Rifles. This effect can stack up to 999 times. Stacks slowly decay if you haven't scored a critical hit in awhile.

Zer0 skills
Sniping Cunning Bloodshed
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