Sniper is Mordecai's first of three skill trees. The Sniper tree improves upon Mordecai's (and the party's) effectiveness with all weapons, especially sniper rifles, as well as critical hits. His other two skill trees are Gunslinger and Rogue.


Snipertree mord

Sniper Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Focus: Increases accuracy with all weapon types. (First level: +5% Accuracy. Sniper Rifle sway: -10%)
  • Caliber: Increases damage with Sniper Rifles. (First level: +4% Sniper Rifle damage.)

Tier 2

  • Smirk: All players on your team (including you) gain additional experience when you kill an enemy with a critical hit. (First level: +3%)
  • Killer: Killing an enemy increases your Damage and Reload Speed with all guns for a few seconds. (First level: +8%. Reload Speed +6% Damage)

Tier 3

  • Loaded: Increases Magazine Capacity with Sniper Rifles. (First level: Magazine Capacity +20%)
  • Carrion Call: Shooting an enemy with a Sniper Rifle reduces the cooldown of your Bloodwing. (First level: Cooldown reduction per hit: 0.8 seconds).

Tier 4

  • Trespass: Your bullets have a chance to ignore shields. Also slightly increases Bullet Damage. (First level: 20% chance to penetrate shields. 1% Bullet Damage.)

Mordecai skills
Sniper Rogue Gunslinger

Caliber • Carrion Call • Focus • Killer • Loaded • Smirk • Trespass

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