Snider is the title of a group of sniper rifles and are manufactured exclusively by Maliwan. This title is saved for sniper rifles using a Maliwan or Dahl barrel. The Snider is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Snider is an extremely potent weapon that possesses increased elemental damage and a very high elemental effect chance at the cost of base damage, as well as optional recoil reduction on variants spawning with the Dahl barrel.

The Snider deals an additional 50% damage as a splash. This splash cannot crit, and is not boosted by grenade damage bonuses.


  • Pimpernel - Unique sniper rifle which fires projectiles that flare upwards and outwards before hitting the target at full damage, sometimes hitting a second time with +50% damage.
  • Volcano - Legendary incendiary sniper rifle with 80% splash damage (+30% more than a normal Maliwan sniper), as well as an elemental "passing" effect similar to the Teapot.
  • Storm - Pearlescent sniper rifle that fires a round that splits into five orbs of electricity which shock anything in their vicinity before dissipating.
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