"Kill each of the loot midgets"


Borderlands - Sneaky Little Buggers Achievement Guide

Borderlands - Sneaky Little Buggers Achievement Guide

This achievement/trophy requires players to kill each of the Loot Midgets that jump out of loot boxes and lockers (lootable objects). The chests and lockers that they jump out of can appear in various positions within known areas.

There are five loot midgets to kill:


  • Mini Steve can appear anywhere, but is most commonly encountered in a red weapons chest near the Claptrap in Lockdown Palace.
  • Truxican Wrestler will be in one of the first lockers of Lockdown Palace. A second Wrestler may appear in the Palace after sufficient progress is made.
  • Meat Popsicle will be in a fridge in Lockdown Palace (just after the vending machines in the middle of the level and can appear in others). A level 61 Meat Popsicle can be found in a hidden room under T-Bone Junction.
  • A Crimson Shorty is hidden in a Crimson Lance Chest at the end of Road's End.
  • A Dumpster Diver is in the dumpster in Motorhead's garage, and can only be reached once the Little People, Big Experiments mission has unlocked access to this room.


  • PC Icon players must kill each of the loot midgets themselves to earn the achievement. Teammate kills count toward the achievement on PS3 Icon and

360 Icon.

  • The achievement may fail while playing splitscreen or online, as only the player who kills the loot midgets will get the achievement. Loot midgets can be killed again in a single-player game to correct this problem.


  • The picture on the achievement is of random symbols found on a keyboard, often used to indicate someone cursing, without showing actual curse words. This may indicate the surprise that some players will have upon discovering these 'little buggers', causing them to curse out loud.

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