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Shut down the four smoke signals in Old Haven, then return to Helena Pierce.


  • Apartment District
  • Canal District
  • Junkyard
  • Rooftops

Background Information

Steele has made good on her earlier threats. The Crimson Lance now consider you as much an enemy as any bandit. If they're going to be killing indiscriminately, you need to diffuse their little trap before New Haven residents get hurt. Fight your way through Old Haven and put out their smoke signals. I'll reward you well once the job is done.

Quest Information

Open the door to the left of the dead bandits and enter the majesty that is Old Haven. You just also got the Fast Travel here. I highly suggest that you come prepared for a fight, and that you empty your inventory. First, head left at the start to a wall near the rpcl border of the town, and you will see a bunch of slaughtered bandits, which is where you will find another quest, Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys.

Please note that the smoke signals actually send out smoke and can easily be found by looking at the sky. The waypoint does not bring you directly to each one, though it is not hard to find each one.  Each is located roughly at the northwestern (Rooftops), northeastern (Apartment District), southwestern (Junkyard) and southestern (Canal District) corners of the map. Each signal is deactivated by a lever close to the fire pit.

This area will be your first encounter with Lance enemies, which are significally tougher and deadlier than bandits. Half of them have shields which absorb all damage to them. If you start out by heading to the left, you will be heading to the apartment signal. You should shortly come up to a respawn point, which you will treasure with your life. You will come out to a clearing with a bunch of lasers pointing at you (which means turrets). When you eventually clear it, head to the smoke signal. If you head south from here, you will reach the canals, and the fire is clearly visible. From here, head east into the junkyard, where you will have to run around a barricade and up a path to reach the fire. Go north and find some stairs to get onto the roofs to reach the rooftop fire. Lucky for you, this one is right above the entrance, so Fast Travel back to Helena to get the reward.


Thank you, here's the reward I promised. By the way, I contacted Steele. Without mentioning your name, I told her there was an attack on 'New Haven residents.' She tells me her men were acting on their own. My ass. I know she wants to turn New Haven into another Lance fiefdom, just like Sanctuary. We'll see about that.

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