smig is the title of a group of common submachine guns in Borderlands 2. They are manufactured exclusively by bandits and commonly spawn with the Tediore, bandit, and Maliwan barrels.

Usage & Description

The Smig can come with a variety of barrels, with each giving different properties:

  • Tediore - Increased reload speed and accuracy at the cost of bullet damage.
  • Bandit - Increased bullet damage at the cost of accuracy.
  • Maliwan - Increased accuracy. If it spawns with an element, this will change the title of the weapon (see below), in which case the Maliwan barrel also grants an increase in elemental effect chance.

Notable Variants

  • Burny - Common incendiary version of the smig.
  • Barfy - Common corrosive version of the smig.
  • Shoky - Common shock version of the smig.
  • Slagy - Common slag version of the smig.
  • Bone Shredder - Unique submachine gun that fires three bullets at the cost of two with increased damage.
  • Slagga - Legendary slag submachine gun that fires three bullets per shot.
  • Tattler - Seraph submachine gun that fires three bullets per shot with reduced projectile velocity, fixed fire rate, and fixed melee attachment.



  • The name is a misspelling of "SMG".
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