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Smells Like Victory is an optional mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Meet Shiv-Spike
  • Pick up condiments
  • Slather Shiv-Spike in condiments
  • Feed Shiv-Spike to worms


Mercer makes contact and points out that Shiv-Spike, who is found is found secured to a pole on the end of a plank, needs to be executed, but has such a foul stench that even the local sand worms won't touch him. Mercer suggests picking up some condiments to dull the stench, and a sauce bottle for that objective can be found at Old Murphy's Canyon to the north.

Old Murphy's Canyon is a large pirate enclave populated by some of the more advanced types of sand pirates. Powder Monkeys back up more general pirates in the early stage of the canyon, and before the end there are ambushes from Cursed Pirates and a pair of Badass Pirates.

The sauce bottle is located at the end of the upper catwalks. Once collected, this can be taken back to Shiv-Spike so that he can be smeared with the contents, and finally pushed off the plank and into the sand.


Turn In: Pirate Bounty Board


  • Mission Item: Condiments - "Who eats this stuff anyway?"
  • If Phaselocked, Shiv-Spike and the post he is tethered to will both be levitated off the plank before settling back into position when the Phaselock duration expires.


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