For the similarly named mission reward assault rifle in Borderlands 2, see Evil Smasher.

The Smasher is a unique pistol manufactured by Jakobs. It is awarded as a loyalty reward to players who have save data from Borderlands 2.

Special Effect

Seven times the fun. – Fires seven projectiles in a horizontal spread at the cost of 3 ammo per shot. Each projectile has reduced damage. Cannot spawn with a sight.

Usage & Description

The Smasher functions similarly to the Maggie, being a Jakobs pistol that fires multiple projectiles with a single shot. However, each shot cost 3 ammo, limiting the user to three shots before needing to reload. This, combined with its reduced damage, means the Smasher will easily burn through a starter character's pistol ammunition if enemies take more than one magazine to go down.

The Smasher has its uses during the initial story quests on Helios Station and Serenity's Waste, where it can function as a pseudo-shotgun by aiming at enemy body masses. However, it is quickly outdamaged by low-level white/green Jakobs pistols later on, and loses its effectiveness as a shotgun substitute when actual shotguns are obtained.


  • The Smasher's name and effect reference Masher revolvers from Borderlands.
  • The Smasher spawns with mostly fixed parts, including a Jakobs grip and barrel and no mounted sights, but may include an accessory.
    • It is possible for this gun to have the "Two Fer" prefix (double accessory), making the gun fire only 11 projectiles at the cost of 6 ammo.
  • The March 24th, 2015 patch changed the skin of this weapon. The barrel and grip were changed from a slightly dark blue to a very dark purple; the body was changed from a light-bluish ivory color to a rusty gold, and a Vault symbol was added near the back of the gun.

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