For the similarly named mission reward assault rifle in Borderlands 2, see Evil Smasher.

The Smasher is a unique pistol manufactured by Jakobs. It is awarded as a loyalty reward to players who have save data from Borderlands 2.

Special Effect

Seven times the fun. – Fires seven projectiles at the cost of 3 ammo per shot.

Usage & Description

Similar to the Legendary pistol the Maggie, the Smasher shoots multiple projectiles at a high fire rate. However, the low ammo capacity and cost of 3 ammo per shot limit the user to three shots before needing to reload.


  • The Smasher's name and effect reference Masher revolvers from Borderlands.
  • The Smasher spawns with mostly fixed parts, including a Jakobs grip and barrel and no mounted sights, but may include an accessory.
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