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Smash-Head is a large goliath mini-boss found in The Fridge. He only appears after completing Note for Self-Person.


Smash-Head is the brother of a goliath named Crank. Marcus Kincaid sent Crank's newly bought supply of weapons to him for safekeeping. Despite this, Crank continually forgets that the weapons are in Smash-Head's possession.


After obtaining Crank's recorder, the Vault Hunters find his weapons cache and open it, incurring the wrath of Smash-Head, who guards the weapons. He wields a large Dahl sign as a makeshift shield, uses a rocket launcher, and has several Midget Boner accomplices.



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  • Smash-Head has an increased chance to drop the legendary Sledge's Shotgun.
  • As Smash-Head's skeletal helmet cannot be shot off, he cannot be enraged, but shots still will be registered as a critical hit.