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Smart-Gun is a legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Tediore. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source, but has an increased chance to drop from Gigamind located in Meridian Metroplex on Promethea.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Busy getting brain like Krang. – Always corrosive. Guaranteed alien barrel, leg module and erratic shooting accessory. Spider turrets have the appearance of Gigamind's brain and eyeballs. Increased elemental damage and elemental splash effect. Consumes 2 ammo per shot.

Usage & Description[]

The Smart-Gun functions as a guaranteed alien leg-turret Tediore weapon, with the turrets following the same rules as such. It also improves on Tediore's typically low stats with its higher elemental damage and splash effect, making it an overall useful weapon against armor.


  • The turret copies the weapon's stats and is also affected by passive and active buffs of the Vault Hunter.
  • The gun’s alien barrel has Gigamind’s eyes on either side of it. When fired, the gun has a blood splat whenever a projectile is fired, this is easily seen when looking through the sight of the gun.
  • Hotfix 3/5/2020: Weapon damage increased. Thrown damage increased.


  • The flavor text is a line from the song Backpackers by Donald Glover.
  • When aiming at the turret after throwing the Smart-Gun, its name comes up as Spider Gigamind, a reference to the Spider Mastermind from the Doom franchise. The Spider Mastermind is also a brain on 4 legs equipped with ranged weapons.