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"Completed the lesser challenge in all 3 coliseums"


The main strategy for the Underdome is teamwork. Sticking together is essential to surviving and makes things easier when reviving teammates. People playing alone should consider sniping. In the smaller tournaments each match includes 5 rounds, with each round consisting of 5 waves. After each wave, ammo and health packs are dropped all over the map with a limited amount of time to collect them.

  • Wave 1 - Starter wave - Simple foes to start off the round
  • Wave 2 - Gun wave - Enemies have guns
  • Wave 3 - Horde wave - Sends many psychos
  • Wave 4 - Badass wave - Many badasses and high-grade enemies
  • Wave 5 - Boss wave - Summons a boss from the story onto the stage

After wave 5, loot will be spawned under the penalty box. Players will have 10 seconds to collect it. Each round is followed by a stat report.

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