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Sluggers are psycho enemies in Borderlands 3 and are first encountered on Promethea.



Sluggers are psychos that wield a blunt or spiked weapon instead of a buzz axe and frequently appear in pairs. They are also noticeably stronger and more resilient than the standard Psycho.

Sluggers act exactly like the standard psycho in that they rush their target and unleash a flurry of melee strikes. However, Sluggers possess a few additional abilities. The first is that occasionally, and usually when at a moderate distance, they will pull out a grenade and bat it toward the nearest enemy. This "fastball" grenade explodes upon contact and deals considerable damage. The grenade also tends to be knocked towards the enemy's head, so it is advised to seek cover behind a wall or other high cover. It should also be noted that if the Slugger is staggered while readying the grenade, it will fall to their feet and explode, doing substantial damage to them instead.

The second is the ability to reflect any grenade or missile thrown at them back to the thrower, causing it to damage them instead. As such, it is ill-advised to use grenades against these enemies.

Other than these two abilities, Sluggers can be dealt with in the same manner as regular psychos.