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For the legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3, see Slow Hand (Borderlands 3).

The Slow Hand is a unique E-tech shotgun manufactured by Hyperion. The Slow Hand can be obtained as a rare drop from Badassasaurus and Piston in the Torgue Arena during the mission Long Way To The Top, and from Badassasaurus thereafter.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Take your time, Sugar... – Fires a slow-moving projectile unaffected by gravity with high elemental effect chance and splash damage. User is healed 3.5% of damage dealt while holding this weapon.

Usage & Description[]

The Slow Hand fires a slow-moving "glob" elemental projectile at the cost of two ammo much like a normal splatgun but ignores gravity. The combination of relatively high splash damage and extremely high elemental effect chance can make the Slow Hand more effective at healing than most other Moxxi weapons when shooting at tightly grouped enemies. However, care should be taken in close quarters as the elemental splash can also damage the wielder.

Further enhancing survivability is the fact that the healing effect is not limited to direct damage from the weapon, a trait it shares with both the Rubi and the Grog Nozzle. Damage inflicted from other sources such as Melee or Grenades will also heal the character while wielding the weapon.


  • Being both a Moxxi gun and an E-tech weapon, it will always spawn with Elemental Damage.
  • Unlike standard splatguns, the Slow Hand can spawn with the Practicable prefix (vertical grip accessory), which adds two more projectiles. Consequently, they will all recieve the full damage bonus from an Amplify Shield.
  • As with all E-Tech shotguns, a Shock Slow Hand can be paired with The Transformer to instantly regenerate the character's shield at the cost of some health.