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Sledge: The Mine Key Shep is a story mission in Borderlands given by Shep Sanders. It is the second into series of four missions which lead to the demise of Sledge.


"You want to kick Sledge out of Headstone Mine, huh? Good for you. I think you're crazy, but I'll give you a hand. You need the key. Last I checked, there was one down in the Zephyr Substation office. Of course, the bandits aren't going to make it easy for you."



Sledge The Mine Key

Video walkthrough


Go to Zephyr Substation and get the Mine Key.
  • Mine Gate Key


Follow the way point marker to Zephyr Substation and take out any bandits. After clearing the bandits, enter the site office to find the key absent and a note left in its place. Take the note to complete the mission.

There is an enemy on top of the site office roof who will be able to shoot through the hole in the roof, if not dealt with before the building has been entered. Once the roof is clear, access to the roof can be gained by jumping onto a rail near some machines inside and using that as a jump point to reach the roof. More loot can be found above.


"Instead of a key, you've found a note that was left in its place. Years of accumulated dust suggest that the key won't be returned anytime soon. You'll need to look for it elsewhere."

Nearby Missions[]


  • The note in the site office serves as both the turn in point for the mission and also the start point where the next mission is acquired.
  • When Sledge say: "The Mine Key is complete", the Claptrap will announce that new missions are available at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.
  • When exiting the menu upon completion, the game allows you to turn it in again.