Sir Hammerlock: You're wondering why I don't go out into the field. The answer is Old Slappy, a thresher that nearly killed me. Science demands I forgive it. Vengeance demands I kill it. Today, my friend, you will be my vengeance.

Sir Hammerlock: Take my hand.

(Vault Hunter takes Sir Hammerlock's prosthetic arm.)

Sir Hammerlock: Old Slappy removed several of my limbs the last time we met. One hopes the scent of my extremities will bring him out of hiding -- make him eager to finish the job, as it were. Plant my hand outside Slappy's lair in the Highlands.

(Vault Hunter fast-travels to The Highlands-Outwash, and places Sir Hammerlock's prosthetic arm at the location indicated on his ECHO. Loud roar is heard.)

Sir Hammerlock: That's right, Slappy. You smell it, don't you? That's the scent of a gentleman.

(Old Slappy shows up roaring ...)

Sir Hammerlock: Beware Slappy's tentacles -- you can blast them in half, but they'll regenerate sooner or later!

(As the Vault Hunter fights Old Slappy ...)

Sir Hammerlock: The eyes! Go for the eyes!

(Vault Hunter kills Old Slappy.)

Sir Hammerlock: Yes! You've killed the creature that removed my various limbs! I feel... well, slightly underwhelmed, to be honest. Mayhaps vengeance isn't all it's cracked up to be. Still, not your fault. Retrieve my arm and return at your leisure!

(Vault Hunter retrieves Sir Hammerlock's prosthetic arm, and returns to Sanctuary to meet Sir Hammerlock.)

Sir Hammerlock: Scientifically, murdering Old Slappy was probably a bad idea. Vengeance-istically, I thank you for your help.

Sir Hammerlock: Vengeance, ho!

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