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Kill Old Slappy
  • Take Hammerlock's arm
  • Place arm
  • Kill Old Slappy
  • Retrieve arm
"Sir Hammerlock has hired you to kill the thresher who crippled him years ago. You'll have to lure the thresher, Old Slappy, out of hiding with something appetizing. Sir Hammerlock's arm oughtta do."


The location where the arm is placed is in the middle of a shallow body of water. When the arm is placed, Old Slappy will rise out of the ground and attack. Its tentacles can be shot off, although they eventually grow back, and destroying the blue orbs on them will award a second wind if a character is downed. There is a ladder to escape the water in one corner of the reservoir, and using this will take characters out of harm's way to higher ground where they can shoot Slappy from relative safety. In particular, there is a large pipe beside the main road that provides useful cover. Due to the arcing trajectory of Slappy's organic dart projectiles, the overhead cover will make it impossible to hit the characters while they whittle down his health with impunity.


"Old Slappy is dead. The mystery regarding who the hell named him Old Slappy, and why, remains unsolved."

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock


  • Mission Item: Hammerlock's Arm - "The arm of a gentleman."
  • The fast travel location "Highlands - Extraction Plant" has a connection beside it that leads directly to the mission objective location in "Highlands - Outwash" without encountering enemies.
  • Players must complete Mighty Morphin' before unlocking this quest.

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