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The Slammer is a unique Booster Shield manufactured by Anshin. It is one of the items awarded for starting the mission Home Sweet Home by opening Moxxi's weapon crate located in Moxxi's Up & Over Bar in Concordia, along with the Vibra-Pulse and the Kiss of Death.

Special Effect[]

You look like you could use a drink. – High booster drop chance. Drops "Slammer" shield boosters when damaged. Slammer shield boosters restore up to 25% of shields and increase movement speed, fire rate and reload speed for a short amount of time.

Usage & Description[]

The Slammer is a versatile booster shield with a higher booster drop rate than most booster shields of a higher rarity. Its usefulness is not limited to only its reliable booster drop rate, however.

When damaged, the Slammer drops highly visible flaming booster "pseudo-moxxtails" which can be picked up to restore shields, along with giving the character a boost in movement speed, fire rate and reload speed for a few seconds. This makes the Slammer useful for heated battle, allowing for high evasiveness, low reload times, and higher damage output.

It is useful for at least one member of the party to be equipped with this shield once or after Home Sweet Home is accepted, as the boosters can be picked up by all party members. This can function well in co-operative gameplay, as the boosters can be used as an easily accessible stat booster to close the distance in order to save a downed Vault Hunter (movement speed), get every person in the party fully loaded quickly (reload speed), and/or to speed up tough fights (fire rate).


  • Before patch 1.0.7, the chest containing Slammer (Moxxi's Toy Box) could have been reopened after it disappears in the main story. It was respawning when the Vault Hunter entered Concordia from Triton Flats, either using Moxxi's Back Door past the slot machines in Moxxi's bar, or the main door by the Black Market, or from The Meriff's Office. This bug allowed Vault Hunters to obtain multiple copies of the Vibra-Pulse, Slammer, and Kiss of Death.


  • Despite being an Anshin shield modified by Moxxi, the Slammer uses the skin and model of a common blue-rarity Dahl shield.