The Slab King, Brick

The Slabs are a group of bandits that operate out of the Thousand Cuts, led by Brick, who refers to himself as "The Slab King".


The group was founded by Brick after escaping from Hyperion prison, as he was captured during Hyperion's attack on New Haven. Kicked out of the Crimson Raiders and Sanctuary for the murder of Hyperion informant Shep Sanders and angry at Hyperion for classifying him as a bandit, Brick decided to become one to avenge the death of his dog.

The group holds a large swath of territory in Thousand Cuts, very close to the Hyperion facility that houses Control Core Angel. The group has a rivalry with the bandits that inhabit Sawtooth Cauldron and the two groups often unsuccessfully attempt to capture one another's territory. The group consists of standard bandit units, including marauders, psychos and goliaths. One of the group's lieutenants is Rocko.

To enter the group, one must "run the gauntlet" and make their way to the Slab King's chamber at the top of the facility, fighting their way through the bandits.


Two years after their founding, the new Vault Hunters entered the area at the behest of Roland to secure the Slab King's help in getting into Control Core Angel. They successfully "ran the gauntlet" and delivered Roland's message, becoming members of the group in the process. Brick would refer to them as "slab" from then on. Brick agreed to contribute a squadron of buzzards to assist in the securing of the Bunker and returned to Sanctuary.

Brick describes his men as "freaking idiots", informing the new Vault Hunters that they would likely still attempt to kill them despite the Vault hunters being members of the group. He adds that they should not feel bad for killing them as he himself doesn't when he kills them.

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