With the destruction of Hyperion's Helios Station, the Skywell-27 Mining Array reclaimed its title as the most powerful laser system in this galactic sector.
— In-game description

Skywell-27 is an asteroid array located in Promethea's orbit. The Vault Hunters have to travel to Skywell-27 for the Space-Laser Tag story mission. Here, they fight their way through to the laser, shutting it down and retrieving a Vault Key piece.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Side Missions

Crew Challenges

Points of Interest

Maliwan Modulars

Katagawa Pleasure Pit

Maintenance Corridor

Titanium Refinery

Fuel Processing

Observation Deck

Data Center

Laser Control Room


  • The gravity is reduced on Skywell-27, enabling players to jump much higher and farther than normal. Projectiles such as grenades and rockets do not appear to be affected.


  • Title given by the game is "Asteroid Mining Array".


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