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Skyscraper is a boss drifter found in the Sunken Sea. It is slightly taller than a normal drifter but has considerably higher health than its normal counterpart. The side mission Drifter Lifter tasks the vault hunter with killing Skyscraper.



Skyscraper can be found under the broken highway span near the far edge of the map. A line intersecting the World's Largest Bullet and Thirsty the Midget's shack points in the direction of Skyscraper's spawn point.

Like all drifters, Skyscraper is extremely weak against shock damage. A Siren with maxed-out Radiance skill can take half of its health during one Phasewalk. A shock weapon is recommended if on foot. Spawning Skyscraper by driving past it, then using the vehicle's mounted guns to kill it will grant a low-risk kill.This is especially effective when using the Lancer APC's shock cannon, which kills normal Drifters in 1 to 2 hits, and Skyscraper in 4 to 5.


  • Skyscraper spawns at 2-3 levels higher than a normal Drifter.[citation needed]
  • Skyscraper spawns regardless of whether the mission to kill it has been activated or not. If Skyscraper is dead and the mission "Drifter Lifter" is activated afterwards, it will still be dead and the waypoint marker will simply point at the patch of empty ground where the creature spawns. Exiting and re-entering the game will respawn the boss and allow the mission to be completed.
  • Skyscraper has a slight chance to drop pearlescent weapons. It is a respawning boss so farming for pearlescent and weapon proficiency is possible.
  • It is possible to jump onto the highway segment in a racer using NOx boost, then shooting down at Skyscraper.