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Skrits are enemies encountered in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles expansion for Borderlands 3. They serve as celebrants and support units for the Bonded cult.



As midget-class enemies, their small size and rapid movement can prove problematic in combat scenarios. They will levitate higher into the air before hurdling explosive fireballs down at their enemies. They also will throw corrupted hearts at their enemies like grenades, creating a temporary area-of-denial. Despite their small size, they can deliver a powerful blow from their staff if any enemy gets too close.



  • Did somebody call a support class?

During Combat

  • Lay down and die already!
  • You cannot comprehend my abilities!
  • Soak the ground with your blood!
  • Am I not terrible to behold?
  • Nobody calls me an octopus! Nobody calls me an octopus, I'm more like a squid anyway!

Throwing Heart

  • Eldritch blast!


  • Oh, suck my tendrils!
  • Eternal... sleep...
  • It's cool! I was done living anyway.
  • My... my power!
  • Am I supposed to be... impressed?
  • Where... do I go?
  • It didn't have to go this way!
  • Who's the real monster here?