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Skrappy "all grown up" is Crazy Earl's beloved pet skag, all grown up. Skrappy appears to be a large variant of the Elder Skag.


Skrappy was once rescued from the bandits for their skag-fighting ring. And then Skrappy grew up, outgrowing his saw blade collar and becoming hostile to those who rescued him. Skrappy can be found just past Earl's bunker.



Skrappy "all grown up" is a significantly more powerful variant of an Elder Skag and has all of the attendant attacks. Skrappy can be lured into the various bandit camps and spiderant lairs around Crazy Earl's Scrapyard. If Skrappy draws the aggression of these enemies he will attack, and most likely kill, them. For strategies on how to deal with Skrappy see General Strategy.


  • Skrappy growns up after player has gained access into the Crimson Fastness.
  • Killing Skrappy has no impact on interactions with Crazy Earl.

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