Skrappy is a small, orange skag, the beloved pet of Crazy Earl. His noticeable distinguishing feature is a collar made from a saw blade.


During the course of the mission Earl's Best Friend, Skrappy will be discovered in a skag pen in Trash Coast, having been put there by a bandit skag-fighting ring. It is up to the Vault hunters to rescue the little thing and send him off home to Crazy Earl.

After gaining access into the Crimson Fastness, Skrappy can be encountered again as an adult skag. In his adult form he is renamed Skrappy "all grown up"



  • Skrappy, although an ally, has a bright green health bar similar to those seen on teammates when playing cooperative games. Skrappy is killable and must reach its escape route alive to complete the mission.
  • Artifacts and other rare items can drop from Skrappy if he is killed as a pup.
  • Skrappy will attack wild skags that wander (or be kited) into Crazy Earl's camp.


  • Skrappy's name is a reference to Scrappy Doo from the Scooby Doo television series. Crazy Earl says that the bandits "wouldn't know how to clean up his little Skrappy-doos."
  • Sometimes his walking audio files sound exactly like those of claptraps when moving.
  • In Borderlands 2 Earl will occasionally cry out, "Where are you, Skrappy!" and start crying.

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