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Skeleton Seers are enemies encountered in the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are skeletons augmented by a blue magical energy, and wear a helmet.



Skeleton Seers are tricky and deadly enemies, capable of dealing large amounts of shock damage before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Skeleton Seers shoot balls of electricity from their hands which can swiftly deplete shields. With no apparent pattern, they will disappear for a short while and reappearing elsewhere, occasionally behind a Vault Hunter. A small blue orb follows the Seer while invisible which can help indicate where it will reappear. If applied with Death Mark before vanishing, their position will also be tracked by the red 0. Unlike other enemies with the ability to cloak themselves, while invisible Seers remain so to Zer0 during Decepti0n.

Unlike most other skeletons, Skeleton Seers are vulnerable to fire, taking increased damage from incendiary weapons. They are resistant to shock damage.

Skeleton Seer's skulls are critical hit points, although their helmets must be shot off first before the skull can be hit. Their skulls can withstand hits until their health is reduced to half, then their skull is destroyed. Destroying their skull does not necessarily kill a Skeleton Seer, they will fight on headless until killed.

Throwing a couple of singularity grenades with extremely short fuse the moment they appear will have them snared in the gravitational pull, unable to vanish and giving Vault Hunters several seconds to keep them in sight.

If a reappearing Skeleton Seer is struck with a melee attack, it will stagger and be finished off easily.


  • Skeleton Seers have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Skeleton Seer
    • TVH mode: Skeleton Conjurer
    • UVH mode: Skeleton Mage
  • While invisible, status effects applied to a Seer will cease, and they will not be influenced by the effects of singularity grenades.